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27 years old female need help



Junior member
Sep 4, 2015
hi everyone
im 27 years old female and 7 teeth of mine have root canal therapy and some others have fillings.i have to use crown with post for those 7 teeth that had root canal therapy.im realy afraiding to loose my teeth in young age and i cant stop blaming myself and my dentist cause i didn't take care of my teeth properly and my dentist wasn't good..i look at everyone's teeth and wish i had those teeth .now im brushing and flossing three times a day but i have got deep depression and fear.i wanna have teeth at least till 60 years old but i feel i will loose teeth soon.im too upset and i can't overcome my depression.i need some help :((((((
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

I hope you can stop being so worried soon, I have some rct'd teeth and they have lasted well. One was rct when I was about 23 and I still have it I am nearly 60. They others I have had for some years too, so with the right care and cleaning they can last us for a lot of years and most certainly until you are 60.

It is a worry and very upsetting when we need a lot of work done but if the dentist didn't think your teeth stood a good chance of being with you for a long time they wouldn't do a rct.

It is no good hanging onto feelings of guilt as you cannot change what has gone on before today. You can change what happens tomorrow and it sounds as if you are now taking care of your teeth. Try not to worry too much and get yourself further depressed.

I have spent so many years being worried about my teeth and I have most of them still, I was convinced they would all be gone by now. All those years of worry, I have had my ups and downs but in general I and my teeth have been fine, much to my surprise. The chances are that you will be fine too, but if things do change your dentist can come up with a solution to most problems.

All the best to you, let us know how you go on please. You are not alone and can come on here and write and read along with other people that understand how you feel and a few that are extremely worried and feel the same as you do. :butterfly:
hi carole
tnx a lot for replying my post. i have tears in my eyes.i wish i could hug u.i feel realy better now and i will caring for my teeth.
hope u the best :)
You are most welcome :):butterfly:

You are a star. You always say the right thing - expert, non-judgmental and very, very caring.

I wish the first messager/poster lots of luck and freedom from worries. I have been in your position for about 18 months now - terrible anxiety and depression. We can't keep worrying about 'what-if's'. I keep trying to think positively now. Think Steven Hawkins! (Given 2 yes to live and now in his 70's!!) The power of positive thinking!!! Good luck =)
Thank you Stupiddentalfear that is very nice of you to say. I answer people honestly and based on my own experiences usually. It is terrible to feel the fear and terror of dental visits and I was one of the worst a couple of years ago. I gained so much from the lovely people on this forum so I just pay back some of what I received.

All the best to both of you :friends::friends::friends::butterfly: