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2nd Appointment Tomorrow



Mar 11, 2008
Hi Everyone!
Well, my second appointment is tomorrow and I have found that I am not nearly as nervous as I was before my first appt. Maybe it's because I know the staff is friendly and I have an idea of the condition of my teeth. Or maybe it's because this time I'll be armed with 2mg of Xanax. :) Maybe it's both. So as of now, I am feeling fairly confident and I am actually a little excited to go (never thought I'd say that) and mark one thing off my list of things to be done. The only thing I am concerned about it the fact that they are not sure if the tooth they'll be working on will need a root canal or if it will be okay with just a filling. :( But I guess there's not much I can do until tomorrow so I am trying not to think of that aspect and hope that a filling will do. Well wish me luck, and I will update you all to let you know how it goes. I doubt the first appt would have gone as well as it did without all the help and support I recieved from this site. :)
Best of wishes!
Just to wish you well for your appointment today. You're got the right attitude, you're in the right mindset so things will go well. Our thoughts are with you and we look forward to reading your success story later on.
well it's less than an hour away, I woke up shaking and feeling extremely nervous, I think I am afraid of taking the meds too since I have never had them before or anything like it. But I took them and I'm starting to feel a little better, not sure if it's the meds or just rational thinking. At least in a few hours it will all be over. My little dog must know that I'm upset cuz she keeps climbing on my lap and won't stop licking me...making it a little hard to type :) but it's good to know I have support at home too, well i'm off to get ready, I hope it all goes well :(
Just in time to wish you luck again. Glad you took the meds and don't worry about why you are feeling better, whether its the effect of the meds or, as you say, rational thinking, the fact is you are calmer and that's all that matters. Probably a combination of both and certainly not a good idea to think that meds will cure all in future. It's not wise to get into the habit of taking them, but I'm sure you know that. You seem to be very grounded. Glad your dog is helping you it's so true, animals can be such a comfort and unlike people, always know instinctively how you are feeling and how to try and help you. So go for it, we're thinking of you and in next to no time it will all be over.:grouphug:

here's hoping all went well for you
I posted on here when I got home but it looks like it didn't show up, although I was still pretty loopy from the meds so for all I know it's probably posted in an automotive forum or something :) the appointment went well, I wasn't feeling nervous although I was shaking for the first half of the procedure, I did feel the novacaine injection but it wasn't terrible and was gone within seconds. I also had a different dentist than the one I met at my first visit but he was also very nice and reminded me of one of the only dentists I actuallyfelt comfortable with as a kid. Not sure when my next appointment will be or what it will be for. All in all it went well and I am so relieved that one thing is done :) and best of all the chip in my front tooth is gone! Thanks again for all the support! :grouphug:
Glad fto see it went well and I bet you're feeling great now. What with the chip gone, your confidence obviously boosted now and having had a good experience at the dentist, well things are really on the up. Congratulations, you've achieved a lot.:grouphug:
Just came on to vent a little,

I have been feeling really good lately about my progress so far and what I have accomplished. I know that it's still just the beginning but a month ago I was a nervous wreck over the dentist, now I am acutally looking forward to my future appointments and I surprised myself with how quickly my feelings towards the dentist have changed. I am also surprised by how comitted I am to taking proper care of my teeth from here on out and how well I have been doing. I thought I was taking ok care of things before when I would brush twice a day, I never flossed didn't brush for two minutes and didn't use any rinse. Now I am brushing, flossing and rinseing like a pro, checking with my dentist about the products I am using and making sure that I am doing things right. I feel great that I am finally doing what is right and that I am on the right track.

The problem is that some of my friends and family seem to look down on the fact that I used anti anxiety meds for my filling and they feel that I would have been fine without them and shouldn't use them for my next appt. I am glad I took them as they definitely reduced my stress level and allowed everything to go smoothly. I had already decided that next time I will take a smaller dose and a smaller one the time after that until I feel comfortable going without them. I don't think I should be made to feel bad or weak for taking them, I understand that it would not be good to get into the habit of relying on the meds and that they may be worried about that aspect but I feel like they are looking down on me for it, and it's not fair. :mad: It's just frustrating because I feel like I have accomplished a lot and am very proud of myself. I just wish they could be too and could look past the fact that I used the meds to help me through it. :(
Don't let the attitude or comments of your family or friends get you down. OK I agree that it is not right to get into the habit of taking medication, drugs or whatever to get through your daily life, but to help you through specific situtions like going to the dentist, you do what you have to do to get through. There is nothing wrong in that, nothing to feel ashamed of or to be made to feel a lesser person. I personally hate taking any form of pill, but being such a severe dental phobic I took everything going to get through what I had to face and I'd do it all again. It didn't worry me that I wasn't conquering my fear by being sedated, it wasn't important that I lose my fear, only that I get through it. So, my girl, just continue to focus on how well you've done, how much you've achieved, and hang on to that thought. If you want to try and reduce the meds next time, then that's up to you, but don't let what people are saying influence you in any way. You're the one going to the dentist, having the treatment, you do what's necessary to help you achieve that again. We're all proud of you, you must be proud of yourself, and I'm just sorry that your friends and family can't feel that way too. I bet they've got some fears themselves which makes them reliant on something to face up to them.:grouphug:
I'm quite the anti-psychiatrist myself and wouldn't usually advocate anti-anxiety pills, but they *do* have their uses. What I've found just following people's stories on here is that anti-anxiety medication can either really useful, or a disadvantage, depending on the interpretation of the individual person.

In a nutshell, my theory is that people who feel that the medication helped them, but who are at the same time aware that they themselves have tackled their fears, can benefit the most from medication. As long as you feel that the achievement wasn't just down to taking some pills, but to your own determination, strength, or self-belief, anti-anxiety pills can be a great adjunct to getting things done.
I think difficulties can arise when people attribute their success solely to some pills - and do not recognize their own courage/accomplishments.

This is clearly not the case for you - you do realize that you've done tremendously well, and that you used anti-anxiety medication as an adjunct to help you along. You would NOT have done this well if you had solely relied to medication, rather than yourself. You have every right to be extremely proud of yourself :thumbsup:.

Unless the people who made these comments have walked in your shoes, I'd take their comments with a pinch of salt ;).
Unless the people who made these comments have walked in your shoes, I'd take their comments with a pinch of salt ;).

I don't know if it helps any but you could draw a parallel with childbirth maybe...the goal is having a healthy baby BUT so many people would have you believe the manner of delivery of the child is equally as important....it is not....some prefer to try the 'natural' way and for some strange reason take great pride in having suffered (unnecessarily i.m.v.), while others opt for a highly medicated less painful option from the outset.
You do what you are comfortable with and marvel at the fact that these options are available to us.
Congratulations on your amazing progress so far :party: :jump: :party: