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2nd Premolar Extraction



Junior member
Oct 18, 2023
Newnan, Georgia
Has anyone ever had their tooth #20 (2nd Premolar) extracted and not replaced? If so do you have trouble chewing normally on that side?

On March 19th the dentist did x-rays and saw that tooth #20 had decay that was really close to the nerve and said that he was afraid that I might have to have it extracted. But he wanted to get in there and see if he could fix it with a composite filling before he went the drastic route of extracting it. On April 2nd after getting in there, he said it was really close but he decided to fix with a composite filling instead of extracting it. Everything was going well, then on May 6th I went in and had a filling on tooth #18 & #19 this morning I woke up with pain in tooth #19 so I went and had a bite adjustment and now when I tap tooth #20 with my fingers it is sensitive but I can still chew on it so I'm worried eventually the nerve will die and I'll have to have it extracted.
Hi Jessimucha88,

can't serve with experience on missing 2nd premolar, but with some experience around worries and anxiety. It sounds like right now the tooth is still there and your dentist hasn't been worried so far so maybe it's just some sensitivity? Teeth with deep fillings may need a while to settle so it sounds like the fact that it has been so well so long after the filling may be a good sign. Anyway, it's always better to try not to worry about things that are not there yet. Fingers crossed for the tooth to settle soon. Are you seeing your dentist any time soon? Maybe asking him whether the tooth is okay may be a good idea?

All the best wishes
@Jessimucha88 I have both my upper second premolars missing. Both through extraction due to fractures/decay over time. I am going to get implants for them. It’s not awful to eat, but it also isn’t ideal. I’ve also spent big $$$$ over the last five months to get the rest of my decay under control, so I feel I need to go the full distance on restoration.
The first extraction happened 14 years ago. The second last December.
I also find that I often have irritated gums from brushing too hard or sharp foods. It’s a bit of a pain.