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2nd step of the implant process



Junior member
Feb 25, 2023
My extraction is over, it wasn't painful just unpleasant in terms of noises and pressure lol. Now i need to get the post placed and this part is freaking me out, the thought of having a screw drilled into my gum does not sound great lol. My question to people is as follows, is the act of getting a tooth extracted usually more traumatic then this stage or are they pretty similar.
According to most people the implant placement is no bother at all. For the implant to integrate successfully the procedure must be done very delicately and slowly, much less pushing, shoving and weird noises than an extraction.
@Gordon thank you doc. My appointment is blocked off for 2 hours. just a single tooth, does it normally take two hours for the procedure?
I don't know. I've never placed an implant. However, it has to be done extremely slowly and carefully so I can imagine it won't be quick!
@fioj It took over two hours for me, maybe two and a half hours.
@NervousUSA one implant? Was it just a really slow process like Dr Gordon described?
@fioj Yes, just one. It was just as Dr. Gordon described, very slow and gentle.
@NervousUSA hahah that's better than my rather violent extraction
@fioj Yes! My extraction was about 100 times rougher than the implant surgery.