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3 fillings to be done tomorrow - really scared!



Junior member
Jul 21, 2019
I’m 47 and until recently I have not been to the dentist in two years. I absolutely dread and hate going in case they tell me I need work doing, but have made myself go once a year until the last two years as about 10 years ago I ignored a toothache for a long while and then needed a root canal (which I had done under sedation). I trusted the dentist I used to have but he left which is why I lost confidence in going. I noticed recently that my gums are receding so I made myself go and get checked. The dentist said I now need 3 fillings and a clean, although 2 years ago they were fine. I am booked in to have the first 2 fillings, right hand top (3rd molar - is this my wisdom tooth?) and right hand bottom molar, tomorrow. I am so petrified I feel ill. I am worried about having injections top and bottom on the same side. Is this OK and how many injections will I need? My teeth were OK two years ago so is it right that they have deteriorated to needing 3 fillings in that time? I’m also worried as I can’t open very wide due to TMJ problems.
Hello LouiseFE,
Welcome to the forums, sorry you are feeling so anxious. It's OK to have both your upper and lower jaw numb on one side. I've done this twice in the past. The only thing I remember being told as a caution was to try not to accidentally bite my cheek after the appointment while that side was numb. As far as the number of injections this kinda depends on the person/situation. Your dentist should work with you to make sure you are numb before starting.

For the TMJ thing, let the dentist know about your uncertainties. I don't know if this will apply in your situation but they maybe able to have you bite down on something (its usually just a soft piece of plastic) that will help hold your mouth open without you having to try to strain to keep it that way.

Did the dentist show you photos, xrays, or go over the diagnosis with you in detail? It sounds like maybe you don't entirely trust this new dentist. If that's the case it may not be a bad idea to get a second opinion.
Hi Sol, thank you so much for replying. You have put my mind at rest about the numbing top and bottom, I hope it wears off quickly though! I’m also going to ask if I can have the anaesthetic that doesn’t make your heart beat really fast as I can’t stand that feeling. I would almost rather not have injections as I think the cavities are quite small (my appointment is 30 mins and she is doing 2 in that time). Good idea about the plastic thing, I will ask her. You are right I’m not sure I totally trust her, she did show me xrays but I was in a panic state when I heard the word fillings so I wasn’t paying close attention! I think I will just double check everything with her tomorrow and ask her to only do what is 100% necessary. I am also worried as she told me about the cavities at the beginning of June but I am only going now due to time, money, being scared. Will 6 weeks make much difference to them do you think? I don’t have any toothache or other symptoms. I know I’m rambling on, I just feel so frightened.
Its OK to ramble or vent, that's what this site is for. :)

The plastic thing I mentioned in the other post is called a "bite block". Real nice sounding name I know. My dentist calls it a "pillow" for this reason. Its basically just soft plastic block or wedge to bite on.

It takes awhile for decay to progress in teeth so its OK if you need to wait a few months or longer to address it, 6 weeks shouldn't make a difference. I think you have a good plan to ask the dentist to go over things again with you before starting so that you can ask questions.
Thank you so much for being so understanding, it really helps just being able to say my worries and someone hear them. I’m going to try and go to sleep now and face it in the morning. Thanks again for your kindness.
I hope the dentist is able to put your mind at ease before the fillings. It’s natural to be concerned, as you don’t have work like this done every day! Let us know how it goes!
I have just got back and can honestly say it was absolutely fine. I explained all of my concerns to the dentist and she reassured me enough to go ahead with the treatment. I was still terrified but knew if I didn’t go through with it it would be even worse next time.

The injections themselves were only very slightly sore, I had one top and one bottom. I didn’t really like the numb feeling but it’s better than feeling any pain and the dentist could work more quickly knowing I was comfortable. The numbness went after about 3 hours.

The fillings were easy, no problem at all. I think it helped that they did really good suction, one of my fears is choking on loads of water going down my throat and this didn’t happen at all. It took a couple of attempts to get my bite right but they feel fine.

I have one more to be done next week and a clean, then my teeth are sorted for the timd being. I was so scared but I’m so relieved I can’t tell you. It feels good to actually take steps to sort things out rather than torturing myself worrying what might need to be done.

Good luck to everyone else, this forum has been fantastic!

Sounds like the appointment went really well! Glad you were able to explain all your concerns and you felt reassured and at peace to go ahead. Glad you were not in pain and even have another appointment set.!! Congrats!!:thumbsup!::welldone:
I’m glad it went smoothly and you are feeling good about it!