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3 months of panic gone with the right dentist!



Junior member
Dec 31, 2023
I have had a huge and very sudden fear of the dentist and having gum disease after a few not so good visits to the dentist where things where not laid out clearly for me. It was getting to the point where I didn't even want to try to go into the dentist in fear that it would cause the anxiety to grow more. But I finally made an appointment with a new dentist with an open mind and it went great!

They where very kind and saw that I had done a lot of research and was pointing things out on the X-ray as I saw them. Do they started to explain things super thoroughly (which is what the other dentist didn't do as well, I'm autistic so it helps if things are told very blunt and very strait forward instead of beating around the bush). It was a good experience, no pain no unknown things happening and good news all around! Finding a dentist that does things a way you like it makes a world of difference I literally felt my anxiety melt away as they where explaining things to me!