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3 potential surgical extractions... local anesthesia??



Mar 1, 2015

I had a check up today and my dentist is considering referring me to hospital for extractions as my lower wisdom teeth are impacted and causing me gum pain. He's also concerned about retained roots which my last dentist wasn't able to extract when he took my upper molar.

I need to go back for a panoramic x-ray and some other work but couldn't get an appointment until 2 months time as it's a really long appointment. I forgot to ask him if it's possible to have the extractions under local should he decide that referral is necessary?

I know GA would have benefits considering I'm so anxious during treatment but the reason I'm fearful in the first place is lack of control/not knowing.. don't think I'd manage to get myself through the door in the first place at the thought of someone looking/working in my mouth whilst I'm knocked out.

Anybody been in a similar situation and been able to have local? any insights would be appreciated and help put my mind at rest until my next app as I'm very apprehensive.
Hi tayl123,

if lack of control is your biggest worry, than it might be a good idea not to have GA.
Generally, you can have any dental procedure with the use of LA only and there are a lot of people who do that every day. I had my wisdom teeth out under LA ten years ago as in my country the GA / IV sedation trend is quite new. The stressful part for me was seeing the instruments, some noises and pressure and the cold hearted attitude of the dentist, but the whole procedure wasn't that bad and it was quite quick.
You are the one who decides and your ability to cope together with the way your anxiety works should guide you in that.

By the way, GA is not the only sedation method. If loss of control is your fear but you would like to get some help with the anxiety, you might consider using nitrous (laughing gas). It is a good way to relax but at the same time you are aware of what's going on.

All the best wishes