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3 weeks post extraction - pain and bleeding and scared to return



Junior member
Apr 19, 2022
Holmes, NY
3 weeks ago, I had a molar extracted ("difficult extraction"). I returned for novacaine shots twice. Then 2x to another oral surgeon (my periodontist was away) and cried through most of the visit (fear and unbearable pain). They both say no infection but I still have bleeding, pain, and referred pain to jaw, gland in neck, ear, and upper molar(!). I'm scared to go back but tylenol and advil (and ice) are not enough and I've been taking Percocet every day (I only had one day that it wasn't needed). I'm also using the brown paste with gauze a couple of times a day (and anbesol at night). I don't know what to do. And I'm petrified that the dentist will make it worse or think I'm exaggerating.

I'm so sorry you are going through this pain and after affects :grouphug: and certainly don't blame you for being apprehensive to going back. Is the pain medications working at all? Do you have another appt or have you called them? It sounds overwhelming, hope you get some relief !
Pain subsides when I take Tylenol and Advil and topical AND Percocet. I have to take all together (against DMD advice) to get relief. I'm trying to wait until my next appointment (4/28). I usually heal quickly so this is unusual and unnerving.