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3 wizzies extracted under GA!



Junior member
Mar 18, 2011
2 days ago, I am searching for information on wizzies extraction. This place definitely helped me throughout my operation. Therefore, I guess I should contribute my story as well.

Went to hospital to had my wizzies removed, under GA. As usual, changed into hospital gown, lied on the bed at the waiting room and wait for admission. After taking blood pressure and answering some questions, I was then pushed into pre-operation room. This part is kinda fun as you can see the lights on the ceiling moving pass, just like how you saw in the movie. After reaching the pre-operation room, the anaesthetist came and check on my status. This is when they started to paste all sorts of pads and wires on me. No worries, no pain. Afterwhich, she started taking my palm and trying to search for the vein. As I am thin, my veins were easily found. The first injection is painkiller. There is a pinch on it, but nothing to worry about, it just lasted for 2-3 seconds. After 5 seconds, she injected the tube. Again, another pinch for 3-5 seconds. If you are afraid of the needles, just close your eyes or look at the heart-meter like what I did.

As there is another patient in the operation room, I was waiting for my turn in the pre-operation room. My dentist came and talked to me on the procedures as well as explaining to me the complications. Of course, checking if I have any allergies to any drugs and so. After about 10 mins, it was my turn!

They pushed me in, moved me onto the ops table, and started attaching the wires and glucose pack. Oh, by the way my anaesthetist was a sweet young lady. Being a guy (yet afraid of pain), I was kinda "relaxed" by her sweet look. She gave me the oxygen mask, asking me to focus on breathing, while she injected the anesthesia medication into the tube. For 3 seconds, I was fine and smiling at her. Then, for 2 seconds, I'm having blur vision. After which, I entered lalaland. I had a weird dream of fighting a muscular guy dressed in white, probably it was the wizzies in my dream.

Anyhow, my anaesthetist shaked me, and I was awake. Everything's done. She was telling me to stop sleeping if I can (this is to ensure that I'm conscious and brain is working). So, i kept my eyes opened and smile at her. Afterwhich, I was pushed into the recovery room. This was where the nurses came and rinsed my mouth. No worries on the pain, as the mouth and lips will be COMPLETELY numb. After rinising, they gave me gauzes to stop bleeding.

My case was rather different. My bottom left wound just wont stop bleeding. The nurses were kinda freaking out, so they called my dentist. While waiting for my dentist, I was pushed into the ward-room, where I took some rest. My dentist came and check on the wounds. Since my bottom left wound keep having blood oozing out, she applied some sort of jello look alike substance on it. Using a pair of forcep and a gauze, she apply direct pressure on it. This was repeated for about 3 times, each time 30 mins. Strangely, the numb feel on my left went off, so I was enduring the pain. Still bearable. My right side still feeling numb, and the wound has stopped bleeding.

After my dentist stopped the bleeding, I was told to rest for another hour before dis-charge. Before I left, the nurse changed the gauze for my bottom left wound. That is when I experienced the greatest mouth pain in my life. Probably you may ask why I did not take the painkillers. The prescribed painkillers were different from those that were mentioned in this forum. Mine was Acroxie, some painkiller that will knock me out at the same time. I was instructed to take only 1 pill per day. Since it is like a wild card, I decided to endure the pain and take it before I sleep.

Surprisely, my face wasnt very swollen. It's just the pain in gum. After reached home, I had my dinner (liquid plain mash-potato) and some soyamilk (high in protein). I used a small little spoon to keep, using my tongue to block the food from spilling on the wounds. It took some time to finish a bowl. After that, I took my medication, drink some water, and off to bed.

This morning I woke up, I felt pain-free! If I just sit down and do nothing, it felt like nothing. Do not move our cheek muscles, as it will irritate the wounds and may experience some 3-5 seconds pain. Try to relax and "stone", watch some movies.

I wont say the operation is pain-free or the recovery is pain-free. At the end of the day, different people had different cases and different levels of pain. Using my friend's advice (he took 5 out under GA), "if you have to remove, you have to remove. You cant escape!". Do not be affected by others' bad experiences. If you do, pay more and get an experienced professional (my dentist was a senior and reputable Oral and maxillofacial Surgeon in Singapore, need to wait for months to get her appointment), usually they will do a wonderful job as they are doing this almost everyday. Now everything's done. I felt fine, didnt really regret on the operation. I just hope that my wounds will recover well while waiting for follow-up appointment. Soon I will be able to live like a King and eat all sorts of food I want again!
Congratulations on getting through it so well. Thanks for the detail, so that's the procedure in Singapore is it?
In UK you are usually given a pre-med by mouth on the ward, then wheeled down to anteroom....everything that you remember is done in the anteroom and this is 'the merest scratch to insert the i/v' and you count backwards from 10 and maybe get as far as 8.
Then you wake up on the ward.

A little different but not much.....

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