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3 year molar..root canal or extract? help!



Junior member
Jul 29, 2009
First let me say I had a crown put on this tooth 2 months ago. This tooth is the last tooth on my lower left since I've had teeth pulled for braces.

Two weeks after having the crown put on I went through a tremendous amount of stress and had a lot of tension in my jaws and accidentally nashed/clacked my teeth together and felt a vibration and numbness on the crowned tooth.

Since that incident I've had pressure pain when biting and saw the dentist. He thinks I damaged this tooth and it has a stress fracture. He said he needs to do a root canal. He said I could have it extracted because the root canal could fail if the crack is too far near the root. According to him it wouldn't effect my other teeth to have this one taken out.

I'm completely terrified of dentists. So when I had THIS tooth crowned I also had another one crowned and a root canal done on another tooth at the same time with IV sedation. I left his office putting 5,000 on a credit card.

Should I have a root canal done on a fractured tooth that might not solve the problem or just get it extracted? I would also be doing IV sedation and my pocket book is hurting. I don't want to waste money on a tooth if it won't be fixed by the rc. Remember this is the last tooth on the bottom. Will my teeth not shift since this is the last one? Will the opposing tooth grow downward?

First, id almost say get a second opinion. You never wanna lose teeth, but you dont wanna throw away 1000 dollars either. (Or more)

I cant def tell you what you should do, it isnt my place.

THE good thing is, it is way in the back so it isnt noticeable.

Root canal DOES save the tooth, and no one wants to lose teeth so I can understand if you wanna keep it.

Well, I didnt help much did I? :shame:

Well there's a few questions that should be answered first. Are you able to use the left side of your mouth a lot for chewing right now? Would a partial denture or implants be something that would be a better option in the future for you? Did you ask the dentist for his recommendation and success rate for this type of treatment?

I can't tell you what should be done cause I am not a medical professional nor have I seen the tooth you are talking about. Since you pay through pocket you should really consider if it is worth it to you.
There are several threads on here about cracked teeth. If it's cracked then the outlook is pretty poor, even endo/crown will not necessarily salvage it. I think you need to have a long discussion with your dentist about it to be honest.
Thank you for the replies. I'm leaning towards pulling it because I really don't have the finances to "wait and see" if a rc will work. The initial 5 grand was a hard pill to swallow.

By the way, I hate teeth! and that's the awful truth :cry: