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30 years old and getting dentures


paniking at 30

Junior member
Nov 22, 2008
hello this is my first post and i have just found this site. I have needed dentures for about two years now well just the uppers but im very scared to get them. everytime i say ok im going i back out now after going threw alot of pain and most all procedures my dentures have been at my dentist waiting for me and all my teeth pulled except the front 5 but only two there rest are broken im going on tuesday but im scared out of my mind and want to put it off again but hate not having teeth. the last time i went and had all other teeth pulled i freaked out for about a week and wouldnt leave the house i dont mind the pain its the whole loosing all my upper teeth and getting dentures ao many questions how will they look fit will people notice will i be able to wear them so much info on the web going either way what do i do ???????? i need them but im sooooo scared :confused:


Aug 26, 2008
Hello!! :welcome:

My mother got dentures when she was 34 due to a ski accident. The pole hit her in her mouth, and broke her whole front set of teeth...the doctor said she needed dentures.

She's had her same set of dentures for 22 years. You CANNOT tell they are fake. They look very real..... :thumbsup:

However, some people's dentures tend to move around. You need to make sure you go to a reputable dentist who is good with aligning dentures...they REALLY need to make sure they'll fit with your natural gumline...and you need to make sure the size of them is also realistic. My mother has a small mouth, so the teeth are in proportion.

It's all about finding someone reputable..and my mother said it was no problem at all..and that was back in the 80s...today I'm sure it's a breeze.