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34F Terrified about oral surgery extraction



Junior member
Feb 27, 2022
Hello everyone!

After spending hours a day online Googling info about wisdom tooth extraction, I am terrified. Currently in tears. I’m not sure if researching has been a good idea or not.

This is my most recent X-ray:


I had a consult a couple of weeks ago with an oral surgeon, who I did not really click with. The consult was rushed and I felt like cattle. He didn’t mention much other than due to my age and where my tooth is located on the nerve, I am at risk for nerve damage. I understand that’s quite possible and common, and that’s not my biggest concern. I have a consult with a different surgeon in a week so I can ask him more questions. The surgeon did say don’t bother removing the other wisdom teeth.

One of my main concerns is the change of shape in my face. I only need to get 1 tooth extracted, but I worry my face shape and overall appearance will be affected because of it.
My wisdom is also located next to a tooth with a root canal. A dentist replied to a comment I made on Reddit, and he said I am at risk due to the location on the manipulation branch and I’m at risk of neighbouring teeth breaking.

My tooth is upright so I didn’t think it was a huge deal. It is partially erupted and has a cavity. It doesn’t bother me, however the gum is a bit inflamed and the hygienist took photos of it up close, and it looks very unhealthy.

I am lost. I don’t want to change my appearance or risk major, ongoing complications for a tooth that doesn’t even bother me that much. Any words or prayers are much appreciated. Thank you.
Hi Peaches 23. my situation was a bit different than yours but I hope I can still reassure you. I’m 42 and had all my wisdom teeth extracted just this year. They were all erupted and I did it with only local numbing. I can assure you my face has not changed at all and had no nerve damage or complications. I think Being sure you like your surgeon and feel comfortable is a huge deal. Mine immediately put me at ease. Said sure complications happen but they’re rare. We always hear about the bad rather than the normal, boring result?. Prayers for you, I know you’ll do great. And it’s much better get It taken care of before it does turn into a bigger issue. Good luck, keep us posted