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360 X Ray possible infection?



Jun 7, 2021
Hi there. I’m back again with my ongoing facial and tooth pain which all began after 2 lower molar extractions and a subsequent dry socket. Long story short , 3 months on and I still am in pain with my face, jaw, teeth. I have moved to a private dentist who I saw last Friday, she immediately offered a 360 X Ray who then referred me as urgent to the maxo facial department on the NHS The NHS have now told me that regardless of the urgent referral from the dentist and regardless of the ongoing pain I have to wait on the list and they cannot give me any indication of a time frame, I have now made an appointment via my private dentist for a private consultation at a private hospital to see the maxo facial consultant on the 3rd September. Im
Having lots of pain in my back molars and cannot even bite down or brush my right side molar, and now the left one is also painful and is feeling like there’s something wrong. The dentist checked my teeth and said that they looked fine, but they really don’t feel fine at all. I have started wearing a mouth guard due to grinding. My teeth are having zapping pains and I have shooting pains down in to my gum where i had a dry socket after my second extraction. The pains sometimes shoot you through my jaw and sometimes under my eye and my teeth are just having the weirdest zapping pains. My jaw aches and m temples ache. I am going to try and upload the 360 x and if anyone has any idea of anything on there that looks suspect I would be grateful for any response. My dentist said she wasn’t happy with the x Ray but didn’t elaborate on what exactly. Thank you to anyone who reads this post. I’m very distressed at the moment. Before this I have never suffered with anything in my teeth or face so this whole scenario is just unreal for me and has been going on since may ? Thank you for reading.


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Last molar on the upper left needs looking at, there's a horrible overhang on the amalgam filling which will be trapping food badly, you can see that there's ongoing bone loss round the 2nd last molar as a result. It's very over erupted due to loss of the opposing lower molar. Personally I would be recommending it be extracted.
Other than that I can't see anything there that will be causing you extreme pain. The sockets seem to be healing normally.
Hi Gordon. ☺️ Thank you so much for your reply. I will mention the issues raised at my next appointment with the dentist and hopefully she can sort out the erupted tooth. Do you think that the erupted tooth will be pushing my bite off? I’m having terrible pains all in my face and teeth. Thank you ?
It's possible, although it looks a bit too far back to interfere with the lower tooth that's nearest it. I actually think that the right hand side one has more potential to cause that issue :(
Hi Gordon , ☺️ Thank you for your reply, do you mean The right hand side upper molar ? I’m having so many problems with my face and my teeth at the moment , I’m seeing a maxo facial consultant privately next Friday ? trying to get to the bottom of all the facial pain and tooth pain in both back molars. All this started after 2 lower extractions. 1 of the teeth had to come out due to decay under a filling but the other one had to have a deep white filling replaced , I had it replaced and that filling never ever settled and I opted to have it taken out as it was not settling after 3 weeks of pain day and night, then developed a dry socket in that tooth with the deep filling. This was back in may and I have been in pain with my jaw, face, teeth ever since. I’m still unable to chew on my back molar on the right as it feels like it’s going to collapse in and is so painful to even brush lightly, and now the left molar is becoming sore and achy. Ive developed clicking and pain in my temporal joints on the right side which is causing aching in my ear and face predominantly on the right side , but sometimes on the left as well. I just have lost all hope that I’m ever going to be able to get an implant or have any kind of quality of life again. The shooting pains in my jaw and zapping pains in my teeth are exhausting. Sorry for the rambling.I’m Really distressed with it all and am struggling to see any end to this. Thank you Gordon for reading and thank you for taking the time to reply. ☺️
Yes, the right hand side upper molar. It's slightly over erupted and may be interfering slightly with the lower tooth. Sounds more like TMJ issues than anything else to me, so hopefully it's sort-able fairly readily.
Thank you Gordon. I really do appreciate you responding to my questions. It is a very scary time at the moment and it is a comfort to be able to ask you questions regarding my ongoing problems. Again, thank you so much. You are very kind. Kindest regards. Kelly ☺️☺️