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4 days post extraction...still numb and dont see a blood clot



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Mar 8, 2015
Wed I had 2 extractions. I had 2 molars that had broken off a while back and had the roots removed last wed. First concern is my upper lip and nose and left cheek are still numb. Not completely numb, i have feeling, but its very heavy feeling and cant move those muscles well. They numbed most of my mouth as i had 3 crowns and 2 extractions. They had to numb me several times and i did feel pain during both extractions. I was on antibiotics for 5 days prior to appointment. Should i still be numb or is this permanent nerve damage? I am also still swollen. I cant see the extraction site of my upper 2nd molar root that was pulled but my lower 1st molar extraction site i can see. I dont really see a blood clot though. Just tissue. The whole isnt that deep but more long. Should i have lost my blood clot this soon? I didnt see it yesterday either. But i have no pain. No discharge either. Am i just healing fast? Maybe since it was only roots it wasnt as deep? I just hate reading conflicting info on dry socket. Some say 2-3 days and others say 5-7. I did many things i now know i shouldn't have. Ate hot soup, drank soda, and rinsed night of operation. I cant find images of what a healthy extraction site should look like. Should i worry about either of these things?
i can only answer the blood clot question...if you don't see any blood clot, i think you should go back to your dentist and tell them about this.

If this even happen to me, i would maybe be half-happy knowing i wouldn't have to deal with the blood, but then again it could catch other bad stuff...

A healthy extraction site, after a day or two, should have some kind of black or very dark-red spot inside, meaning there's a blood clot forming...

So yes, go see the dentist again about this, take an appointment as soon as possible and tell them about this problem on the phone so the dentist will know about it at the appointment.

If you have any other worries, like i did for my first extraction...after a week or so, take an appointment to have the healing of the socket checked again, to make sure it's healing fine.
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I only started looking at the site 3 days after. There was a tiny blood clot.But it was super small. Day 4 it wasnt there and today is day 5 and i see no blood at all. Still no pain at extraction site. Still am swollen though with the numbing.
Hi, I would advise you to contact your dentist and tell them you're still numb. I still have nerve damage almost a year after an extraction, but it is very rare for it to last so long. The chances are your numbness will gradually disappear soon, but I would definitely let your dentist know that you're still numb after 5 days. It's unlikely you've got dry socket if you have no pain by now, unless the numbness is masking the pain.