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4 days post molar extraction - extreme anxiety



Junior member
Jan 20, 2023
Little background - 2 weeks ago rear lower molar started hurting, it was already heavily filled, attended dentist, he suggested root canal but it might not work due to already being heavily filled, as I am so anxious about the dentist I decided on extraction! He scheduled it for 3 weeks time!
2 days after appointment my bottom front teeth started really hurting, I can only describe this as the sort of pain you feel when you have been running on a cold night, a throbbing sensation that ibuprofen doesn’t touch! They xrayed them and said no cavities, slight chip on top of one but that wouldn’t be having an effect and that it was deferred pain from the back molar!
I went back on Monday (4days ago) had molar extracted. Simple procedure, didn’t bleed for longer than an hour, extremely painful that night but what I expected!
Wednesday pain still hadn’t improved at all, went back to dentist, he said everything looked fine, packed it with some gauze to be safe and sent me away.
Now Friday (4days post removal) the pain is still horrific, I am taking ibuprofen and paracetomol alternatively every 3 hours! The ibuprofen takes the edge off the extraction but not the bottom teeth and the paracetomol has very little effect on either!
My top teeth on the side of the molar extraction are also hurting, the teeth next to the extraction are really tender and my front bottom teeth are still throbbing!
My question is really is this to be expected after 4 days of a simple straight forward extraction? I haven’t got dry socket, no infection as far as we know! It’s really getting me down now and my anxiety is through the roof!
Thank you
Really sounds like a dry socket. Go back to the dentist again.
Hi Gordon; I’ve been back this morning they have given me antibiotics and packed it again with that medicated stuff! They took full face X-ray and nothing scary showed up, couple of fillings needed but not deep ones! They seem to think all the front tooth pain is just referred pain 🤔
Yes, it likely is. Hopefully the combination of dressing and antibiotics will sort it.