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4 impacted wisdom teeth gone... Now what?



Junior member
Sep 8, 2010
So about 6 hours ago I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. I am 39 years old and was quite concerned with complications.

I used IV sedation so I don't remember any of the actual procedure. I ended up being in some pretty bad pain because the stupid pharmacy didn't have my vicodin ready on time. So for about an hour after I took it, it hurt pretty damn good.

I have been changing the gauze every 30 min for the past 6 hours and still don't consider it a tinge of blood. It's not soaked but it's also not pink. It's still dark red. I am going to try the tea bags next.

Other than being a little worn out and the initial pain when I change out the gauze things are going fairly good, I have probably 90% of the sensation back in my lower lip so I assume no real nerve damage. Doc also said nerves should be good to go.

Wanted to post this for those folks close to 40, and say my overall experience so far isn't that bad. The key for me is alternating the pain meds ever 3 hours between 2 vicodin and a 800mg ibuprofen.

They also gave me a mouthwash which they said to start using tomorrow.

Anyways the anxiety is gone now, and that alone makes me feel tons better.

Keeping fingers crossed rest of recovery goes smooth.
Good for you on getting your wisdom teeth out! Sounds like you are on the road to recovery. I had my two top wisdom teeth taken out this summer and I'm 43. I will say that the immediate pain from the extraction wasn't all that bad. I still have some achiness around the areas once in a while, but it isn't bad at all.

Glad that its all behind you and you can recover!:jump:
Thanks for posting because I'm 42 and have been told by my dentist I need my bottom wisdom teeth out. They are errupted but a little angled or impacted. I too am scared of complications associated with my age.