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4 Inplants While Awake TODAY. ? Scared.


Laura Martin

Junior member
Sep 10, 2016
Hi all,
Today at 3 pm I am having 4 lower molars pulled and two implant bridges placed. To say I am scared is an understatement. I have a bad dental phobia despite having tons of dental work done. I have also had an implant placed before but never this many at once. My stomach is in knots I am so scared. The problem is I am also scared of being sedated so I opted to not have that other than I will be taking 5 mg of Valium before my appointment. It just seems like it will be the longest and scariest 2 hours of my life. I need to have this done and I really could use someone who’s been through it to let me know I will be okay. The dentist chair triggers my phobia of being trapped. Then add all the other stuff on top, like the uncomfortable tugging of having teeth pulled, that crazy drill that they use to drill into your jawbone, etc. and I am mess over this. ☹️


Well-known member
Jul 1, 2018
I haven't had that many at once, but I had one implant placed while awake. I did use nitrous oxide, but was aware the whole time. It was not nearly as bad as I had expected. The drill just feels weird, but honestly I thought it was easier than getting a tooth drilled for a filling. I am terrified of dental procedures as well, but financially did not have the option of being sedated other than nitrous.