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4 mini implants vs 2 regular implants



Junior member
Mar 1, 2014
Hi there...

A bit a background.
I'm 36 and [due to an accident i had years ago] i already have a full top denture [no retaining implants] and i've only got 7 teeth on my lower jaw [most of them broken], which i'll pull out to have a full lower denture put in.

The thought of having 2 loose dentures in my mouth gives me the chills and really gets me down so I've been saving for an implant retaining lower denture for over a year, i finally managed to save enough [£3000] to have the procedure done, but now i'm in a bit a dilemma [if you like].

All this time i thought about putting 4 mini implants to secure the denture but when i emailed a dentist near where i live he said it's better to have 2 regular implants instead. So i thought about asking a 2nd opinion as this is probably one of the most important thing to me in the last few years.

What do you guys think... 4 mini implants or 2 regular implants ??

Thanks in advance.
Hi, I didn't think that 2 regular implants could hold a full arch of teeth. If you go for regular implants the teeth would be fixed and with mini implants you can remove them to clean ect.

I am no expert but I researched this extensively as I had 6 implants placed in my top jaw on 6th Feb. The teeth are fixed and can only be removed by the dentist. I believe the minimum is 4 for this procedure so I don't think 2 regular ones would work ?

i could be wrong though. :cool:
I'm in between two minds.

This is soooo important to me i really don't want to screw it up.
I'm not flushed either so this is all the finance i'll be able to get for a long time.
Have you been for a consultation yet ?. If possible go to a couple, most are free consultation.
I know what you mean... It took me along time to save for, you will want to get it right. Read loads, there is loads of info on the internet.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.:)

Ps, I don't understand why the dentist would suggest 2 implants on a jaw with no teeth? Doesn't seem right that. I would def get some more opinions.

I've seen quite a few sites and in quite a few of them they do say that you can have either 2 or 4 implants....

but I'm gonna research a bit more and maybe, as you say, go to a couple appointments... see what happens.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks once again.
In some youtube videos, patients have only 2 implants to retain a full lower denture.

But I'll definitely take your advice Suzzie and get a second opinion.
Arh, ok yes I'm with you now. Those are the ones u can take out to clean. What does the dentist mean by regular implants then? I thought that would be the non mini ones where u can only have a fixed tooth connected.

Anyway I could so be wrong and yeah defo go see a couple of dentists.

Good luck with it all, it's so worth it !!