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~48hrs post full mouth extractions with immidiete denture so scared



Junior member
Oct 24, 2013
So its been 48 hrs since i had all of my teeth ripped out and had immediate dentures put it. I am supposed to take them out today to rinse and put back in. I'm soooooo scared/paranoid that they aren't going to go back in or it is going to be painful to put them back in. any suggestions on how to go about doing this? please help
How are you doing today?
Did you manage to get them out, rinse and in again?
During the first week after I had my immediate dentures, I would take pain killers half an hour or so before taking them out. I rinsed with salt water and found sea salt flakes dissolved in warm water felt softer than the standard cheap table salt. Also used bonjela and a steroid ointment the dentist advised.
The pain for me was mostly from ulcers caused by the dentures, rather than pain from the extractions and in the first two weeks I saw the dental prosthetist a few times for adjustments.
It is hard that first week but will be worth it.
It's nearly four months since extractions for me and today I am going to the dentist to have two implants fitted in the lower jaw to eventually stabilise my lower denture. Í am quite apprehensive to be getting more surgery now that everything has healed but I think in the long run it will be good. I wish I had done this years ago.
Let us know how you are doing, It gets better every day I can assure you.
I have rinsed with the salt water but haven't actually taken the dentures out yet. scared to. know that i need to but will try it tomorrow when both of my kids are in school.
The pain I am experiencing is not from the actual extractions I don't think. I had my wisdom teeth out also and they are causing some of the pain. I can't bite down in the back at all without shooting pain.
I think most of my pain is from the dentures rubbing on my gums. They didn't prescribe me an ointment or anything so I was going to call them in the morning to see if I could get something.
Just trying to get some kind of nutrition in my body. I'm not a big milk drinker so shakes have made me sick to my stomach. About the only thing I have been able to keep down is chicken broth and some water.
I know it will only get better from here. Have to start practicing talking too. I sound so funny and my poor daughter(7 y/o) is having a hard time understanding me sometimes lol
ok, looks like todays the day they will come out for a rinse (not sure what the time difference is between us - I'm in Australia - you may have already done it by now). You will feel better once you have done it.
As well as paracetamol at least half hour before taking them out, I also took some ibuprofen to help with the inflammation. You are probably right it is the ulcers causing most of the pain. Do you have an appointment for a review and adjustments?
In those ealry days, I ate fruit purees, yogurts, custard, soup with bread soaked in it and progressed to scrambled egg after a few days but did lose a bit of weight (planty where that came from :redface:).
I can really empathise with you today as I had my implants in yesterday and my bottom plate put straight back in over the stitches with intructions not to take it out for at least 24 hours. I am coming up to the time when I have to remove it for mouthwashes and cleaning and am apprehensive so have got back into my routine of pain pills and anti-inflammatories beforehand.
Hello you may have already taken them out by now if so I hope all went well, before I took my upper out for the first time I played with it with my tongue etc until I had slackened it and it just dropped onto my tongue I did a quick rinse and put a warmer denture into a slightly cooler mouth with baby teething gel placed on the sore spots ( I would keep the gel in the fridge) to put it back in was the opposite I put it on my tongue and lifted it into position, and just talk and sing to the radio etc read anything to hand out loud sore spots come and go and were probably my biggest issue but some went away on their own when the swelling eased and some had to be adjusted by the dentist, well done keep ploughing on you will start to notice improvements. :)
Well I have been taking them out the last two days to rinse and stuff. It wasn't bad getting them out. It just hurt so bad putting my bottoms back in because of the sores. :( I wasn't sure if I could use the oralgel with all the sutures I have so I haven't been using it. I have an appt today with my dentist to get them adjusted hopefully :)

Did anyone else have a problem with their breath smelling horrible? I have been rinsing with the salt water like 3-4 times a day but my breathe is horrendous :( when can you start using mouthwash like regular mouthwash? I am going to ask today when I go to dentist just didn't know if anyone here would have any advise ?

Thanks all for the support! I appreciate it! :(
I used a mild non alcohol mouthwash but added some warm water to A. Dilute it and B. Take the chill off it when the dentures were out :)