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4days post wisdom tooth extraction ?



Junior member
Jul 18, 2020
Hi I'm 32 years old , I have a wisdom tooth that became infected 3 months ago and struggled to get a surgeon scheduled to remove it . Took 3 rounds of medication trying to keep the infection at Bay till my appointment which was 2 months later , ugh . Anyways I got it out and I was starting to feel better on the third day but then I woke up on the fourth day there was a bunch of gunk in my mouth (reddish yellow pus colored), I could have been clinching my teeth I'm my sleep as I'm a very intense dreamer. I've been doing proper cleaning everyday and only eating soft foods. I've avoided the dentist since I was a teenager and I'm feeling like I'm always going to be terrified. Screenshot_20200717-170125.pngNow I have this white line on the inside of my cheek. All I can say is I'm a freaking mess , can't go to the dentist till Monday and I'm panicking ? couldn't get a good picture , it's my bottom right . The Depression is really starting to feel real.Screenshot_20200717-170125.png
Hi hypochondriac32,

what an ordeal with your wisdom tooth. Glad you got an appointment to get it out finally.
It's not unusual for the extraction site to look really weird (and often somewhat gross) and go through different changes and that's all a part of the healing. A quote from the thread of our faq about extractions:

"A clot will start off being red and then as it breaks down it will go yellow/grey/white. This is normal. It may look red later on and that means new blood vessels are growing and the site is healing normally."

Also, try not to worry about the line, you probably have bitten yourself in the cheek at night due to the swelling. It will heal again. Our mouths are used to this kind of things (like biting yourself in the cheek while eating or getting burnt on something hot) and can recover again.
Hope this helps to put your mind at ease until Monday. If you like some further reading, here are few links:

All the best wishes and a speedy recovery! :clover: