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5-6 days post wisdom tooth removal question



Junior member
Sep 8, 2010
I am 39 years old and had 3 complete bony impacted and 1 partial impacted wisdom teeth and a cyst around one of them. All removed last Thursday, today is the start of day 6 post removal. Overall I am doing ok.

I take a pain pill every 3 hours alternating between painkillers. This has kept me pretty much pain free since the surgery.

Yesterday I tried to go to 1 ibuprofen every 6 hours. I ended up in some pretty decent discomfort on the tooth and side where the cyst had been removed. Is this normal to still be taking this much pain medication 5 full days out?

Also if I put my tongue back near the sewn up area where the cyst was I taste something weird, doesn't taste bad, almost a little salty with the mouthwash flavor but feels like it's leaking onto my tongue. What could this be? I thought maybe a little blood but looked back there with a flash light and couldn't see any blood.

I also have some soreness and stiffness in my jaw if I try to open it wide, as well as some swelling still, mainly on the side where the cyst was.

Does all this sound normal for 5-6 days out?

Yes it sounds OK to me. The taste might be from the sutures, they can act as a sort of wick and let some fluid out from the extraction site.