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5 days after wisdom teeth surgery



Mar 28, 2019
I’ve reached the big day 5 so am just hoping to check if where I’m at is normal:

1. Some pain (not too bad) in cheeks/between lip and chin area that feels like bruising but I can’t actually see any bruises. Only on one side.

2. Some pain in top of my head (same side) toward the back. Could be tension headaches that I might have got anyway, but if it’s referred pain, I want to make sure it’s not likely to be from any of the 3 fillings I had done at the same time. None of the filled teeth hurt at all.

Other than that, things seem pretty good. No pain from gums where teeth were removed, finished course of antibiotics, and am able to eat most foods. At what stage can I start chewing further back (eg. second molars)? Should I wait til the stitches dissolve for that?

Thanks so much for everything, I’ve been so grateful for the support on here!
Go for it, self dissolving stitches can take a couple of weeks to go sometimes, you'll be starving by then :)
Thanks, so the bits of pain I described are normal then?

Thanks again!
Yes, some aches and pains are to be expected, you've just had some fairly major surgery done after all :)
Thanks, I think at some point I’ve felt some pain (nothing major) in just about every place except for where the work was done, hence why I wasn’t sure. But then a friend told me she had pain in unexpected places because they had to physically lean on her to get the teeth out. Mine were more straightforward than that, but then the three fillings were all on the side that the wisdom tooth close to the nerve was on so it makes sense that the facial pain has been on that side even if it’s not in the teeth or gums.
You get physically moved around a fair bit during a GA; your body is paralysed so you can't move by yourself, it does put a bit of stress on some joints etc. even if people try to be as gentle as possible about it!