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5 teeth out - can't believe I did it!!



Junior member
May 4, 2009
Hi all,

I have not been to a dentist in about 10 years, but about a month ago I was travelling in rural Cambodia and half of a tooth just fell out.

Sufficiently freaked I had my husband make an appointment for me the day I returned home. Shaking almost crying and generally being in a state of panic, embaressment, and fear, I made it with his help into the dentist office. He took x-rays and assessed all my teeth and did nothing else which was a great relief. But then came the bad news he wanted to remove all four of my wisdom teeth and the tooth that partially fell out.

As I live in the middle eastern country of Qatar, there are strict rules on anesethic, he told me they are not allowed to use gas or IV! Instead he told me he would be giving me oral sedation. So yesterday in a state of uncontrolable panic I was on here trying to find anyone who had oral sedation. The dentist had given me anti-anxiety meds to get me through the door, which although they helped didn't make me feel as calm and un-scared as I thought they would.

Then he gave me three small blue pills, I remember crossing the thereshold of the door and then nothing about the surgery, the ride home, five hours of resting at home.- Nothing!!:) I am uncomfortable but not in severe pain taking ibroprophen and using ice-packs - I look like a chipmunk but hopefully that will go down.

I was very scared about having 5 teeth pulled as my first attempt at going to see a dentist in a decade but I managed it. And you can too.:)
Hello City007 well done on getting your extractions done. I'm glad to see the oral sedation helped, I personally have no experience of sedation. Hope your next visits go as well, keep in touch.