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5 wisdom teeth gone, and couldn't be happier



Junior member
Jan 4, 2011
Just wanted to share my quick success story. Had 5 wisdom teeth take out. The top 2 were straight, so they were pulled, and the bottom two were impacted and required surgery. The 5th tooth was a damaged molar from the impacted lower left.

Now, leading up to the surgery, the pain was never a concern for me, but the IV sedation scared the crap out of me. I was basically afraid of what being put under sedation "felt" like. For those that were worried like me, here is a rundown of what happened.

Nurse took me back and sat me down. Asked a few questions, what my height and weight was, if I had any food allergies, in particular soy or eggs. Then they took my blood pressure. Next, after the surgeon came in, he put a "mask" over my nose for laughing gas. This was just like breathing air. Then I felt him tie off my arm to find a vein, a slight prick of the needle......then nothing. Literally, the next thing I remember was the nurse telling me to be careful while getting into the wheelchair. And then they wheeled me to recovery. That's it.

I didn't feel groggy, I didn't feel drunk. I just felt normal. No pain at all, but was still under the tingly influence of the lidocaine. So honestly, nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, recovery has been a breeze. I had some slight swelling, but minimal pain. It has now been a week, and I can honestly say that the worst part of this experience has been eating. I have been able to eat solid food even from day 1, but the 5 gaping holes in my mouth are magnest for little bits of food. That's really the only annoyance.

Anyway, I know I was a wreck before going in for the surgery, and I'm a big guy (6"6', 250lbs). I imagine there are lots of people in the same boat. I know that there were so many good success stories on here, but I just never believed them. Truly, the only way you will know for sure is when it's all over. But trust me, it really couldn't be easier. And the best part is, I feel BETTER now that the wisdom teeth are gone. There is more room in my mouth, and less pressure in my head. So for all those that helped me out, thank you, and for all those aobut to have work done, good luck. I promise, it'll be over so fast, you'll kick yourself for worrying.
Congradulations Bravo Bravo honestly good job on getting that done yu are pretty much unstopable now :cheers::jump::cheers:here soon i will be havin a root canal done but im not sure wat sedation to get it under :confused:
Wow, congratulation! :jump:
It must be a relief to have all of them gone. I have one left as my dentist take them out one by one, but I need to go to an oral surgeon to remove my last one, which I’m scared to death to do.
Is it common to take all of them at once?
It must feel good to not having them anymore, I look forward to be a wisdom-teeth-free person myself lol
You are very brave, I have to tell you that. I would never have manage it.
Now that you have done this I’m sure you can conquer the world of dentistry ;)