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5 Wisdom Teeth Removal VERY SCARED!!!



Oct 3, 2019
I've been lurking here for a while and have read lots of success stories. I'm a 20-year-old female. I was having a lot of tooth pain in early September. At first, I thought it was some kind of gum boil. I went in to get an x-ray from a dentist. It turns out, I have FIVE WISDOM TEETH!!! I have to get them all removed soon and the procedure has been constantly on my mind. My original four teeth have erupted through my gums without causing me any pain. However, the fifth tooth, (which is behind my upper right wisdom tooth,) has been causing me significant earaches and headaches. My mom wants me to fly home to get this done, and while her intentions are good, this only amps up my anxiety. I am a little nervous about IV sedation, but would not want to be awake for this. I've never had surgery of any kind in my life. I'm very scared about the recovery phase. I do not want to be in too much pain. Any advice? Will I be okay? Has anyone else had more than four wisdom teeth removed at once? I could really use some reassurance right now!
I had 6 wisdom teeth. Both extra ones were on the upper right side. The surgeon told my mom that when he saw the extra ones, he was worried he was going to find more. He didn't know they were there until the actual surgery. They were all impacted, and I had them out under general anesthesia. It was a long time ago (I was 18, I think), but the pain during recovery can easily be managed with just ibuprofen. I didn't have any stronger pain meds, although you can get them if you are worried about the pain. It does take at least a week to recover, but it is mostly annoying because your foods are limited.

I was also lucky enough to have ANOTHER wisdom tooth grow in long after the others were taken out. It was on the upper left and was discovered about 5 years ago during an x ray. It never erupted and was small. I had it taken out last summer.
I had 5 wisdom teeth. They were all impacted and I still have 3 of them (long story about why I still have some). Two were removed while I was under IV sedation. Anyway, IV sedation is nice because it will help you relax and you will most likely not remember anything that happened during the surgery.

During recovery, most people do fine with over the counter pain killers. Some surgeons will write a back up prescription pain killer but its not usually necessary. You will want to take things easy during the healing process for a few days. The amount of time to recover can vary a bit by person though. To me the most annoying thing was keeping the lower socket clear of food while it healed closed. If you haven't seen it already there is a good guide here about what to expect when healing.