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52, dentures, wisdom teeth still there



Junior member
Oct 3, 2007
During first visit in 12 years, already wore a partial on bottom and full on top, it was decided to pull the rest of the bottoms. Exrays showed I still have bottom wisdom teeth not causung trouble.

After extractions and three months of healing i tell dentist about exposed bone still near molar extraction and he just says it will cover up eventually.

Been getting soft liners and eveytime, i sat " check that bone" and he keep saying " it will cover up".

Now in two weeks about to get permanent relign on dentures anf I say "check that bone" and he finally has tech take exray and turns out that bone is a wisdom tooth which appears to be exposing itsself now that the rest of my teeth are out. That molar extraction was a blood bath of torture proportions by the way so I am sure the trauma to that area is why that wisdom tooth is now exposing itself.

I have money issues and dentist knows this but he suggests getting the wisdom tooth removed now. He is very money hungry and money shames me at every visit trying to get me to get implants. I always say Im broke, filing bankrupcy soon. He dont care amd just money shame me.

So my question is, is this sudden exposure of a wisdom tooth going to cause a problem. I understand that like with any other tooth there is the potential for infection, but he is making it sound like "it will get infected".

I really chose the wrong dentist . Hard to telll fact from fiction from this guy . Its like walking into the twilight zone everytime and the rest of the staff goes right along with it.

Would really appreciate an honest answer. Thanks!
Not going to cause trouble on its own, but it is likely to destabilise your lower denture if it erupts any further, but it might not do that...
@cha12 time to get a new dentist if he's that bad. Nothing worse than a dentist who is a complete jerk. I'm in the process of finding a new dentist after my last encounter 3 weeks ago didn't go very well.