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54 hours after wisdom teeth removal



Junior member
Nov 3, 2012

I went to the dentist about 54 hours ago (whose counting, right?), and I got not only all 4 wisdoms taken out, but an upper molar next to the right wisdom, and a lower molar next to the left wisdom.

I am scaring myself to death with the fear of dry socket, because the whole reason I got the teeth removed was to avoid pain! I went to the hospital with an accidental overdose due to tooth pain, and I am scared of that pain again.

I haven't had any abnormal pain, but my surgeon didn't really talk to me afterwards. I have no idea what a clot is supposed to look like, or feel like, or if I have one or don't. I am terribly frightened that my lower right wisdom tooth never quite clotted.

After only a few hours the bleeding stopped and I stopped using gauze. Light bleeding on the lower right wisdom extraction site continued through the day. I have been taking my ibprofen and my norco alternating every 4 to 6 hours as the instructions tell me to do, but at about 1 this morning, I had a soft hamburger. I think that's why I'm scared, is that I tried to move to harder foods quickly... I don't know.

I just want to ease the fear before I drive myself crazy.
Hi there... I completely understand your fear of dry socket. We have all heard so much bad stuff about it. I have never experienced one myself. From what I understand the lower wisdoms are more apt to get it than uppers. From what I understand about dry socket is that you are almost to the point of being past the danger. I've heard that after 72 hours after extraction you should be past worrying about it. If you are worrying about dislodging the clot just stick with softer foods a little longer. Keep doing the warm salt water rinses very gently. I think you will definitely know if you have a dry socket. However, everyone is different. I have heard some people say it hurts so bad it's terrible. Then I have heard some people say it wasn't that bad. Here are some very good helpful tips that are in our FAQ. Just click the link: