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6 days post Wisdom Tooth surgery. Advice please.



Junior member
Dec 10, 2012
Hi all,

I had my two lower wisdom teeth extracted almost 6 days ago to the hour. They were both horizontally impacted and needed to come out in prep for lower jaw surgery next year. The major swelling has gone down, but I am still bruised on my left side with some swelling, and I've a little tough swelling on my right side.

The pain is not as severe as it was on Day 2/3, but there is still pain. I usually get woken up with it early in the morning and it comes and goes through the day; I can handle the pain with a Nurofen. Over the last couple days I've moved from my prescribed painkillers to Nurofen for the pain, but sometimes I'll take one of my prescribed painkillers if the pain gets quite bad.

I rinse my mouth with hot salt water about 4-5 times a day.

On Friday, I was trying to clean some of my teeth near the back with a dental brush and when I moved my left cheek a little (where the heavy swelling is), blood started to pour down into my gum (Not sure where the blood was coming from). Not a massive amount, I guess mixed with saliva it makes it look like a lot more. But as soon as I let my cheek go, the blood stopped coming. Last night, I tried the same again and that area was still bleeding.

Is this normal? I've taken all my antibiotics course, kept on soft foods and been rinsing with salt water. I don't think I have any infections, because people have said you feel the pain 24/7 with an infection? Right now as I'm typing, I have no pain. But it will come back later.

(Btw, my surgeon said my teeth were real tough work to remove, so I guess my mouth had it rough)
Just carry on with what you're doing, it sounds perfectly normal.