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6 Weeks Post OP ... two white hard spots... fragments?



May 10, 2018
... two molars removed.

I noticed the one molar started hurting when I was eating food a couple days ago. I took a look and even put my finger near the area and felt something hard around the extraction site. It doesn’t feel sharp, it just feels boney and something slightly protruding from the gums. I took a look/snapped a picture and two areas of white. When I touch the area it’s sore and like I said I can feel bone-like protrusions where I see white.

Are these tooth fragments and if so, will they go away on their own?

I’ve supplied a picture... you can see the two white protrusions near tongue.

When I sit here I don’t feel any pain. It’s only if I press on the area or harder food goes near the area.



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sending you a link to the thread on our FAQ that you might find helpful:

Does it sound like what you are experiencing?

All the best wishes
It looks more like bone spicules to me - DrMike and Gordon explain better than I could on the linked post :)

Often they’ll come to the surface and shed themselves but sometimes may need a wee bit of numbness and a helping hand.
Hi, thank you.

Yes it seems to be what I’m dealing with. It’s been a few days now. Initially, I couldn’t even see the white but I could feel something hard on the gum. Now I can see two white spots.
This is the appearance today. Seems they are coming to the surface more.


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It does look like that, you’ll maybe find they’ll fall away in a few days :)
What causes this precisely?
When we take teeth out the margins of the bone around the edge and also in between the roots is quite fine and sometime you can get little chips. We always remove any obvious ones but don’t go digging about looking,

While these work their way to the surface, is it common for the area to be sore when you touch it? It doesn’t hurt when I sit here, only when I press on the area or harder food gets near it. Then it feels sore.
Not a dentist but imagining two pieces of bone working themselves out through your gum I would expect a bit of soreness..
Yes, they have very sharp edges so when you press onto them they're literally cutting into you from the inside.
That makes me go ouch just typing it!
LOL! Thanks!

Is there anything I can do to speed up the process or they will just come out when they’re ready?
Nothing really, they'll take their own sweet time about it.