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6 years since my last visit - 30 years old



Junior member
Oct 30, 2018
I wanted to share the start of my journey after 6 years of putting off going. The last time I went was in New Zealand where the dentist recommend extraction of my wisdom teeth out, thank God I couldn't afford it at the time as on a visit back home to UK I was told it wasn't needed which is the last time I went to the dentist. On that occasion I had a couple of fillings and an extremely painful scale and polish.

For reasons I cant quite explain I've put off going for 6 years despite my gums being so red and swollen I no longer smile in photos. I've felt one tooth move a couple of times and it's scared me to death on more than one occasion.

3 weeks ago i realised I wasn't eating on the side of the tooth that felt weird. After extensive research on dentists and what to say to them about being nervous and embarrassed I finally contacted a dentist. They put me in with a dentist who is good for phobias and got me an appointment within a week.

I went last week as an NHS patient. I explained I was terrified and he put me at ease and just looked and asked permission before gently tapping a few teeth he was really gentle didn't really talk too much he was really quick and quiet with the numbers and did very quick x Ray's. He talked me through every tooth on the X-ray. The prognosis is no fillings or root canals (so far) although there is some bone loss it's not extensive aprt from the tooth that felt a bit loose. He thinks that will last a few years and reassured me it can be replaced if I lose it. I was given 2 treatment options based on my ability to pay. As the gums are so inflamed he advised against the hygienest as a more extensive clean was required. So option 1. 4 sessions with him as a private patient at £100 a session or option 2. he would refer me to the hospital. I chose to go private as I instantly trusted him.

I had my first of 4 cleaning sessions today. I was so much calmer when I walked in compared to last time. They numbed me up with gel and then local anesthetic (I hate needles but the gel made it ok) once I was numb I put on a podcast and 15 mins later it was done. It was loud and when he was scraping my teeth I was convinced they would fall out! I've had no pain as the anesthstic has worn off. I was shaking like a leaf but realised the calmer I forced myself to be the less my jaw hurt.

I can't put into words how relieved I feel now I've been and have a cleaning under my belt. If anyone is interested I'll happily post updates as I continue my journey as reading other stories helped me go.
I'm glad you did so well. Congratulations!

I'd be interested to hear how things are going now.
Congratulations! How terrific for you to face your fear and have a great experience. Thank you for sharing, helps all of us.