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7 days post extraction



Junior member
Feb 16, 2024
Hi! Last week I got a far back molar removed after developing a severe abscess from a cracked tooth (I have bruxism)

Pain isn’t too bad but I now have small pieces of bone sticking out of my gum, they’re quite painful.

The dentist also filled the socket with alvogly, theirs still plenty left in the hole but it’s making me feel quite uncomfortable as I’m autistic and suffer with sensory issues, the feeling of the hair like fibres in my mouth genuinely makes me wanna scream, will these take much longer to come out?

As I didn’t know what the packing was , I rang my dentist panicking this morning and the receptionist was very short with me and sounded annoyed that I rang.

I’ve never had a tooth removed before so every little thing is making me panic that I’m developing an infection , this has been an ongoing battle for the past 2 months with my mouth.

The site of the extraction is also feeling very sensitive like if you have a cavity and air gets into it, this is a new feeling that I’ve only developed today.

Sorry if this was a lot, I’ve tried asking family members who have experienced this before and everyone seems to be annoyed that I’m even asking.

(I’m 21 by the way if that means anything)
Hi Rosie, it's fine to ask questions here, that's what the site is for.

If the Alvogyl is that annoying for you, then remove loose fibres yourself, some small eyebrow tweezers will work. It's fine to do this now.
The packing was to protect against a dry socket, some dentists like to do it as a precaution, some think it's a waste of time.
The bits of bone are annoying but they should sort themselves out soon, if they don't then you need to get your dentist to look at them. Sometimes they need removed (which isn't nearly as bad as it sounds).
Infections in sockets are so rare as not to be worth worrying about. I've seen 2 in 45 years as a dentist...