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7 teeth extracted Tuesday in preparation for partial dentures and redness on palate



May 10, 2018

Tuesday I had 7 teeth removed. All upper teeth, top right. Everything has been going okay overall. Still a little pain but nothing major at this point. The one thing I noticed is on my soft palate (I think it’s soft palate) there’s a slight redness and swelling. No pain. Now I THINK when the dentist was giving me Novocaine injections I remember an instrument grazing the roof of my mouth. It kind of stung and I don’t think she noticed. I think this is the result of the redness I am seeing. But I’m not sure! I suffer bad anxiety and now feel anxious about it. What do you think that redness is?

Thanks, Michelle


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Looks like a bit of trauma, so possibly the dentist has scratched it by mistake or maybe a burn. Either way it's nothing to worry about, the sockets look like they're healing very nicely.
Thanks so much! Do you know how long it might take for the trauma area to heal? It doesn’t remotely hurt. When I touch my tongue on it it feels slightly bumpy but that’s it. I do distinctly remember that the instrument she was using to inject the Novocain hit it. I’m not complaining. This dentist is magnificent. She has performed three oral surgeries on me and they’ve been flawless each time. So this trauma is not even something she did wrong. Accidental and no big deal. Still, I worry due to anxiety. Thanks again!
It's usually pretty quick 2 or 3 days should get you over the worst of it.
Today I supplied a pic of what it looks like. I’m not sure if it looks improved or not.

The other thing.. is that the SL frenulum right in the middle that’s kind of pinkish? When food touches it I get a stinging. Is it just due to trauma since I had 7 tooth extraction starting right next to it?

Thanks so much.


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Looks about the same to me, the first pic isn't the best though.

The incisive papilla you mean? In the middle behind where the 2 centrals were? They can be a bit delicate at times, so it could be getting a bit traumatised by chewing on it.
Looks about the same to me, the first pic isn't the best though.

The incisive papilla you mean? In the middle behind where the 2 centrals were? They can be a bit delicate at times, so it could be getting a bit traumatised by chewing on it.

Thanks! Yes, exactly where it’s sensitive. That’s the only part of my mouth that feels sensitive (only when eating).

The traumatized area on the palate today is not as swollen in feel (definitely improved) but still slightly red. I do remember some type of instrument hitting it while being numbed.


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Looks a bit better again. The sockets are healing well.
Thanks so much.

Would you say the instrument grazing it might take several more days to clear? I definitely remember feeling it with my tongue later on when home and it was even swollen. The swelling is gone now. Not elevated to touch like it was. Just some redness.

I’m glad about the sockets.

Only symptom I have is a slightly bad taste in my mouth that comes and goes. Can’t figure out what it is if no infection or dry sockets. I am using that Chlorhexidine and wonder if it’s due to this.

I brushed my teeth tonight and got some bleeding after doing so. Is that normal 8 days out? No pain. It happened in the socket right next to the one tooth that was kept on that side.

Another thing… the first tooth extracted… front.. there’s tissue there that almost looks like a tooth but it’s not, lol. Is that just healing tissue?

I’ll supply a pic.


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Chlorhexidine does taste horrible. After 8 days you can stop it if you want.
You have a lot of delicate new tissue forming, with a very rich blood supply, a little bit of bleeding is to be expected.
The stuff in the socket is granulation tissue.
Thank you!

The trauma on the hard palate is now 100% gone now.

Everything is going smoothly except one little thing. The incisive papilla area gets sore when any food touches it. Will this get better? It’s really annoying because I can always feel that tissue as well since it hangs down slightly. I had some flatbread white pizza (softer) the other night and it got really sore. Even eggs and potatoes today irritated it some. Does not feel sore sitting here. Only when food grazes it.


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Here you can see what happens. I eat anything and it rubs on it raw. It will go away with salt water then if I try to eat near it again the same thing happens.


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Check your lower front teeth for any rough areas, the papilla area is very delicate and you're basically biting on it. If the lowers are a bit rough, which they can be, then you could easily scratch it a bit when you eat.
If they do feel a bit rough then a clean emery board rubbed over them will sort it out!