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89 yr old mother and full lower extractions/tori removal



Junior member
Sep 9, 2015
Please only post positive stories :) as there is no turning back.

my 89 year old mother with moderate dementia (living in a nice asst. living facility) is having her remaing 9 lower teeth extracted along with two good sized tori, Thrus a/m under sedation. she will get two implants at the same time to anchor the denture to down the road. There are 3 absesses in the lowers so it's time to do this.
the immediate denture has been pre made with the prostodontist so it's a well made one, not one made in a day.

my fear is that she will hate the denture and not wear it since it feels so foreign. when she talks and smiles, the lower teeth are all that shows.

1. if anyone has dealt with this age and dementia, how did it turn out ?
2. what was the recovery time for pain/discomfort
3. how long until decent food could be eaten ?

any thoughts or tips are SO appreciated. lucky part with dementia, she's not worried much
I myself am wigged totally out about the next week for sure and the next 4 months or so until the lower plate can be snapped in the two implants.

thanks so much !! Wish I'd found this forum months ago and not the day before !!
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

I am sorry I cannot help you with your question but I just wanted to let you know that we are reading your post and welcome you. I am sure someone will be along to try and help if they have experience of your position with your mother.

All the best to you both, keep in touch and let us know how things go. If I can help after the extractions with any questions I would be only too happy to do so. :butterfly: