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A Crown vs. Root Canal - Deep Filling



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Aug 17, 2012
WARNING gross picture. It’s the last tooth on the upper right.

I’d like to know my options regarding a deep filling that is now giving me sensitivity when swishing with cold water. It was filled a month ago. I’ve had no problem drinking any liquids as long as I don’t intentionally swish it to the other side. If I do swish it accidentally, the pain only lasts a few seconds and subsides. I have started a sensitivity toothpaste in hopes it helps a little.

The tooth has a pretty deep filling and I’m certain he’s going to push for a root canal. I hate the thought of taking a very much alive tooth and killing it without an infection present.

Would asking to try a temporary crown be unreasonable? And if it works, ask for a permanent one? My friend was in the same boat and a crown seems to be working for her. I know every situation is different, though.

I’m not as scared about the procedure as much I am about killing my tooth. I read that a root canal is basically mummifying the tooth.

I know a picture can’t tell anyone much but I’m most interested if a crown would be an unrealistic option at this stage?


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Oct 25, 2005
Can't tell anything from that photo sorry.
If the tooth is sensitive to the cold and the pain doesn't linger, then the nerve is still healthy and a root canal wouldn't be the most optimal treatment.
A crown might help or might make it worse, it's impossible to tell you without examining you.