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A Few Questions – Am I imagining this chip, tongue is obsessed, implants instead of healthy teeth?



Oct 6, 2011
United Kingdom
A Few Questions – Am I imagining this chip, tongue is obsessed, implants instead of healthy teeth?

Hiya Everyone

I had a temp bridge done with adhesive type substance last week which I became obsessed with and decided I didn’t like and couldn't stand so I forced dental floss between the teeth and broke it in an hour of madness and sheer panic. When I broke the adhesive I spat out and there was a sliver of hard white substance which I think was a chip of tooth. I found an area on the inside of one of my upper incisors where I think the tooth chip came from which feels to my tongue like a deep rough void…. so I visited my dentist this morning to confess what I’d done and ask for the chip assessing. He said that the tooth hadn’t chipped and the white substance was just the adhesive coming out. He said he couldn’t find the void I was talking about and I couldn’t show him as my fingers can’t get into the crack. I refused to have the temp bridge redone and said I wanted to leave it.

I now feel like I’m going crazy as my tongue is obsessed with the small void and can’t leave it alone. I’m convinced a chip came off the tooth but I was in and out of the dentists so quickly that he hadn’t examined it properly. It’s not hurting but I’m making it sore by thrusting my tongue at it and it is so rough and uneven. My question is do you think it would work to use one of those temporary filling kits you get from the chemist? I’m not going back to the dentist again – I’ve been three times in a week and they are starting to tire of me and my dental hypochondria.

I’ve now got what I perceive to be ‘problems’ with three of my front incisor teeth and I find it hard to concentrate on anything else – it is affecting my work, relationships, family and sanity.

I’ve been interested in dental implants for a while…..How likely will a dentist (in the UK) agree to tooth implants when you have what they see as ‘healthy’ teeth with a few flaws. I’m wondering if having the teeth removed and implants instead will solve my worries but I’m concerned that if I ask my dentist about them they will say its not necessary for someone with healthy teeth that can be fixed. Are dental implants a fix for fear of pain and problems or do they come with their own problems that I could obsess about?

I feel like dental worries are taking over my happiness.
Re: A Few Questions – Am I imagining this chip, tongue is obsessed, implants instead of healthy teet

I wouldn't replace healthy teeth with implants. Implants must be brushed and floss just like your regular teeth in order to keep from developing infection around them. In addition implants have parts that can break, come apart, or wear out with time much like your regular teeth. Implants are a great replacement option for teeth that are in bad shape. They aren't a good option for people who who are hoping to never have to worry about their teeth again.

Rather than implants your money and time would be far better spent on learning healthy ways to cope with anxiety whether it is here or with a professional therapist using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or something similar. You'll get better results and it will help with dental anxiety as well as other areas in your life that anxiety can impact. I don't personally have dental anxiety but I did struggle with severe anxiety issues surrounding other areas of my life and I found CBT to with a therapist to be invaluable.
Re: A Few Questions – Am I imagining this chip, tongue is obsessed, implants instead of healthy teet

I can so relate to the worry thing. I get so worked up with even the twinge of tooth pain. The dread of havng to yet again, go see a dentist. safer i check my teeth rather than get them checked by a dodgy dentist, which by the way, we just don't now there dodgy until its too late, private or otherwise.

Sorry for the persimism, but in my experience, when local aneasthetic doesn't work, the gagging starts and the procedure becomes time consumng, its not CBT thats needed, its dentists that understand that dental anxiety exists, and want to help. I'm still looking. :(:(
Re: A Few Questions – Am I imagining this chip, tongue is obsessed, implants instead of healthy teet

Hi friend,

What we need to do is just calm down for a bit. It is not good that your obsession with your teeth is ruining your life. I understand with firsthand experience how obsessions with teeth can make you feel like your world is falling apart.

The chip that came off was most likely the hardened bond that was used to put the temporary bridge on.

The void you're feeling might have already been there unnoticed and now your tongue and mind are just looking for problems because you are afraid that the glue from the bridge was tooth. Rest assured, it most likely was not tooth and was from the broken bridge.

I would advise against implants because they're tricky and will not fix this problem you're having. Your problem seems to be more psychological in nature. I personally would recommend that you see a counselor for these anxiety issues about the health of your teeth. I, myself, am in therapy for this exact thing.

Reassurance that nothing is wrong is effective, therapy is effective, do some things to keep your mind off of your teeth, and just take some time to breathe.

Kolya RDH