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A good dentist makes everything less scary



Junior member
Feb 23, 2023
United Kingdom
I never, EVER thought that I could be so relaxed in the dentist's chair, but finding such a lovely dentist and dental nurse completely changed my entire outlook on what used to be a simply terrifying notion. I was lucky enough to get an NHS dentist close to where I live, and after the many procedures that I've had done since December, I can honestly say that I needn't have been so worried.

I've spent so long being ashamed of the state of my teeth, but my dentist didn't judge me and made sure I felt no pain at all throughout 10 extractions, several fillings, and four root canals. I honestly couldn't ask for a more caring and compassionate dental team, and I am finally free from pain and shame.
Having a good dentist does help, I been seeing the same dentist and dental nurse for around 12 years, sometimes I see a different dental nurse , but all the dental nurses have been fine

No judgements , makes me feel comfortable
True. I finally found a dentist that is crazy nice. it makes a big difference
This is so true! I spent 14 years away from the chair through a combination of fear, childhood dentistry trauma and embarrassment. I have found a great brand new, highly modern clinic with amazing dentists. My long journey (multiple fillings - 8 in total, two crowns, two implants, and four wisdom extractions) is close to halfway finished, and I haven’t yet found any reason or feelings to not continue it. I’m determined to get through it and it’s completely due to my amazing dentist.
And my mouth feels so much better for it!
Wow. As a person thats just looked in the mirror and felt disgusting about my teeth this gave me hope. Iv got my first appointment with a new dentist in April and im so embarrassed and worried what she will say.