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A hole may be made in the sinus during removal of an upper molar?!?!



Junior member
Jun 24, 2013
I went to the dentist for an extraction a month or so ago maybe. It didn't work out. he tugged my tooth for a minute and i pretty much jumped out of the chair screaming and saying i wanted to go home now like a little girl. gonna try and gather the courage to go back and be sedated because he refuses to see me again unless i be sedated.

before he started pulling he made me sign a paper disclaimer. he explained that it said he may damage adjacent teeth (makes sense i guess but couldja try not to? jeez!) and the big one:
A hole may be made in the sinus during removal of an upper molar.

I think this may happen to me BECAUSE:

-my abscess is naturally draining and i also have really BAD sinus drainage.
-my spit is even discolored. when i wake up it's pretty friggin gross.
-every time i swallow i feel drainage.
-i have pain in the back of my head and my brain.
-sometimes my right nostril (over the bad tooth) will be more closed up.
-my nose is even newly asymmetrical.... (there is no facial swelling though, just a small lump over tooth. but it feels big.
-my face twitches.... (but it doesnt hurt at the tooth/gum. its just extremely tender there)

do any of the above symptoms point to a sinuses issue or point to the hole in the sinuses happening to me?

(before anyone says anything i know i need to get the tooth taken care of im just extremely scared of iv sedation drugs/death so im trying to work up the courage to try this round 2. im posting something in another part of the forum to ask about sedation experiences.)

in a word - no
none of those things make it more likely your sinus will be affected.
Sinus damage is most likely if you have to remove the last remaining molar and the other molars have been missing for a long time.
sinus damage is very rare but for peace of mind discuss it with the dentist beforehand and ask if you are at increased risk
best of luck