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A massive thank you



Feb 17, 2014
For years well 16 years I've not been to a dentist due to my phobia, it got that bad I would rather put up with chronic toothache than getting it sorted.

One night I was browsing the net looking for anything on dentists and nervous patients and stumbled across this site, started reading some of the threads and journals and realised there is no shame and dentists these days just want to help, reading all your amazing success stories made me want to do something to.

I booked a dental appointment then missed it (on purpose) as I bottled out knew I had to grovel to the practice as the situation I'm in at the moment I have to get my teeth sorted, the dental practice took into consideration my circumstances and re booked me another appointment. As many in the UK know miss one appointment and your off the practices books, so I was very surprised when they re booked.

Before my appointment I was lurking on here reading and reading and reading I decided if you lot can do it so can I, my first appointment day came and I was a wreck all day to the point I was stood chain smoking outside the practice before my appointment to try and calm down, I went in (eventually) the dentist I have Elizabeth is amazing I apologised for the state of my teeth and she said I have nothing to be sorry for and I couldn't shock her, she put me at ease.

Since the initial appointment I have been back 4 times all early morning and anyone that knows me knows I don't do mornings and it has got easier, I've had x-rays, impressions 3 times (worst bit), some wax impressions, colour match etc etc.

I'm now at the point where I can walk in the practice and not be fearful, that in part is due to this site and all the wonderful stories I have read, I can now honestly say I'm over my dental phobia I just get apprehensive now not knowing what they are going to do.

I really wish I had found this site years ago may be I would have the smile and confidence I am striving for now instead of waiting for it.

So it's a massive thank you to the members here and all your stories and anyone at the beginning of the journey if I can do it so can you.
Well done! :jump: It's always nice to hear from those who have faced their fears so thank you for sharing. I remember reading a lot of the success stories when I was trying to gain the courage to make an appointment and like you, this forum was instrumental in getting me back on track. I'm sure your post will help others as well.

Wishing you the best as you continue your dental journey! You've got this!! :thumbsup:


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