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A newbie who would love some help please.



Junior member
Jan 22, 2011
Hello to everyone

I had a general fear of dentists but use to go on a fairly regular basis. That was 30/33 years ago but after a couple of very painful experiances and one scrape me off the ceiling painful experiance, which was just for polishing, I was told by my dentist I had very sensitive teeth even with oral sedation.
I am ok with the needles and extraction but one mention of a drill, filling or anything else then I am off. I get panicky and shakey at the mere thought of dentists.

My main phobia is remembering the horrendous pain of before and having a panic attack waiting for the pain to happen again. I tried to tell myself that techniques have advanced in that time and did attempt a visit 6 years ago. I panicked all over the place and thought I would pass out. The tooth was too broken etc to save and was extracted and althoguh I was panicky, clammy and went dizzy it was pain free. I cannot cope with fillings or any other dental work for fear of pain.

I have Atrial Fibrillation which is an irregular heart rythm and is quite common. It is mild and controlled by medication. I have no other heart disease or problems and I have had G.As without any problem.
I have tried to find a dentist who offers GA but without success. All the dentists I have contacted want me to go for initial consultation, said they didnt offer G A, know they could help me, oral would be enough, I wouldnt need a G A and then charge me.

I know I need dental work and have been having niggles and dull toothaches for a while now but I cant find the help I need.

I have heard of the new laser treatment but I guess very few dentists use it and would be way out of what I can afford anyway.

Please can someone help me. I am so scared of pain and just the thought it might happen makes me feel sick and shakey.

Many thanks for any help


Well-known member
Jan 11, 2009
Hampshire, England
Its a sad fact that GA's are hardly used these days. I understand some of the reasons behind this, but I would happily sign whatever waivers going to be put out, get everything sorted out in one session (maybe two), wake up and get on with life.

However, IV sedation is the next best thing. A quick scratch in the back of the hand and everything's instantly done. No pain, sensations or memories of the whole thing. I would strongly suggest you ask about this, as it virtually feels like a GA.


Well-known member
Mar 30, 2009
omaha, nebraska
Hi Fran,
I agree with Graham Dee. I had IV sedation last summer 3 times fir 3 oral surgeries over a 3 month period. It is fabulous! In my case, the IV was out in my arm because the oral surgeon could not find a vein in my hand. I watched the oral surgeon inject the meds and the next thing I know I hear the nurse talking to me telling me it was tome to go home. I remember nothing, no pain, no fear. One note of caution however, if yoy choose this method make certain that they will carefullly monitor your vital signs during the procedure.
My OS is trained both as an OS, general surgeon, and anestesialologist.
Hope this helps


Well-known member
Feb 7, 2007
Hi Fran

I had exactly the same problem as you, and just as you describe with a number of painful HORRIBLE experiences in the 80's. Terrified of the drill, lying there waiting to feel that sudden pain - as I did during a number of root canals and during scrape and polishing. I don't numb up well on the lower jaw and I developed a fear of going to the dentist that was all consuming and ruled my every waking moment. I also have a heart condition (Left Bundle Branch Block, or LBBB) and I have no problem with GA or IV Sedation.

You know what I am going to say don't you :D IV sedation was my saving grace, and the reason I now have a completely healthy mouth and NO phobia. I quite happily go to the dentist for anything - as long as they let me have sedation.

I too think you will have a hard time getting a GA nowadays...but Midazolam is the next best thing. Perhaps you could look for a dentist who is also an Implant Specialist...they seem to do extra training in sedation methods and are used to treating patients. Mine certainly is an expert at it - and I always have the IV in my arm (as opposed to the back of the hand.) It really is just like GA. No pain, no nerves...no memory.

All the best
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Well-known member
Oct 4, 2010
Hi Fran,

I get debilitating panic attacks too so I know exactly how you feel, except I'm not afraid of pain, I'm afraid of vomiting of all things!!!

I find that if I work on lowering my stress/anxiety level instead of trying desperately to control the whole situation so I don't vomit, I have a much better time with ANY dental appointment. I don't know if that'll help you or not.
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