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A normal dentist visit



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Apr 27, 2021
With the help of everyone here, I got through two roots canals earlier this year and some weird jaw pain (which is soooo much better now). I saw a periodontist and began seeing the hygienist every few months. Yesterday was my six month check up with the dentist, plus a perio cleaning. I never thought I could go to a dentist like a normal person, without weeks of anticipation, anxiety and fear, but this time I did! Sure, I had some anxiety, but nowhere near the debilitating fear I had before. I credit this forum for being a wonderful resource and support and getting me to this point. I could not have done it without all of you. Oh, and the dentist said things look great with my teeth, but we’re still working on the gums. :)

There is hope for us dental fear sufferers! Things can get better!