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A novacaine question or 2, while im here



Junior member
Nov 6, 2014
When i was a kid the dentist used to put the needle in the side of my gum, which i didnt mind at all. But when i got older he would only put them in my jaw corner at the back, which is horrifying, painful, overwhelming and again painful for hours to follow. I cant move my jaw or open my trap. He refused to put them in the side ofmy gum because the jaw one freezes the whole nerve. I don't care!! The needle hurts more than the work, i swear...would another dentist respect my wishes?

i cant handle pulling, either. I died. Do you think anyone would ever give me anaesthetics AND novacaine and painkillers? Ive never been put under but i want to for bigger operations. Im terrified of waking up in agony so i also want to be frozen and prescribed.
...y'think anyone would ever do that for me? lol
when you are young the bone around the teeth is fairly soft and the anaesthetic can soak through to the nerve. As you get older the bone becomes denser particularly in the lower jaw.
There are other means of numbing lower teeth which can avoid the block injection but it sounds to me like your dentist is maybe a bit rough for you? I'm not claiming that block injections are a bundle of laughs but if they're done really slowly and gently then they shouldnt cause the distress that you're experiencing.
best of luck