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A piece of filling flaked off? How worried should I be?



Junior member
Dec 23, 2017
Back in October I had some cavities filled, the bite was a little off and bothering me but I toughed it out because I already had my check up and cleaning scheduled for Feb 20th (5 days ago.) At my checkup the dentist drilled a little off the fillings and told me everything was looking good and I wouldn't need to come back until August.

While I was flossing tonight my floss got stuck between my canine and front tooth (teeth 6 & 7.) When I pulled it out a very thin piece of what I assume is filling material came with it. My tooth actually looks better to me now, there was a visible ridge on the side that's smooth now, but the back of my tooth feels slightly off when i rub my tongue against it. I don't have any pain or sensitivity.

I really really really don't want to go back to the dentist but I also don't want to compromise one of my front teeth. How bad is it to have a layer of filling flake off? Is this just a result of the dentist adjusting the filling? I'm really sad because I spent months being uncomfortable because of my fillings and thought I was finally okay and I only got four days of not being stressed over my teeth before something happened.

It is one of those cases where you will have to see your dentist. Nobody can advise you without seeing the tooth.

There is NEVER any reason to "spent months being uncomfortable because of my fillings". Though things can settle, there is no reason to suffer like that.

Good luck,

Hello aw74,
I am so sorry to hear that your stress free period only lasted 4 days, I'd be gutted too.
I guess Dr Teeth is correct that it is best to get it checked out. You might well be lucky, as it sounds to me like you may have had a sliver of excess filling stuck to the tooth that was removed by the floss, and that is why it feels better. If that is the case, then your dentist will be able to reassure you, and maybe just smooth the back a bit where you say it feels odd.
Much as you can't face going back, I am worried that it will just play on your mind until your next visit. I experienced something similar myself. It was not dental related, but I found I could never really relax because it was always there in the back of my mind. My bet is that it probably not a problem, so please consider popping back and having it checked so you can enjoy piece of mind again... maybe it will last a whole week this time :thumbsup:
Let us know how you get on so I can uncross my fingers and toes!