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A piece of my filling just fell out. It never ends



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Nov 5, 2021
So I was eating a snack and I’m pretty sure a small piece of filling just fell out. I can’t tell where by sight, but it looks and feels just like composite filling. It can’t be anything else because nothing else has been in my mouth. I feel sick. I assume it’s a piece between my teeth somewhere. But I can’t even tell where. I think it’s between my two molars because it feels different to floss there now.

I don’t have a dentist I trust yet so I don’t even know who to go back to in order to get it checked out. I don’t like the dentist who did the fillings in the first place, so I’ll probably be paying twice for these fillings. I feel like my teeth are just never gonna be okay. I guess I just have to not eat anything crunchy or even semi hard. It’s too stressful. Idk just wanted to vent a little. I have been feeling okay about my teeth lately and this just set me back a lot. I only have brand new fillings in my mouth now. Everything is from November 2021 or later. And already falling out. I didn’t even do a hard bite or anything.

I hope I can get an appointment soon somewhere
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Sorry to hear your filling fell out agh. I hope you can get in somewhere too that will
help you figure this out and get things better. What I really hope is you can find a great kind dentist to go to that can be trustworthy and compassionate!