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A random website just killed my sever toothache



Aug 6, 2016
Sever toothache. Had it for over a week. Not an infection. Been on antibiotics "just incase", but dentist couldn't find any sign of infection. It's the type of pain that makes a grown man cry. I noticed at some points in the day my pain was gone. Other times it wasn't, even with painkillers. Usually an infection is constant with no pause inbetween.

After much Google for a "secret" method to kill toothache (no secret exists btw lol) I read a response on another forum that said:

I've done em all. Thing about it is, they are just temporary fixes and eventually the method you find for your quick fix won't cut it any longer and you'll have to switch it up. So a quick run down of things that have worked for me. But before I get to that ... brush your teeth, and yes even the tooth that is broke or has a cavity in it that has ate through nearly all of your tooth. It's going to hurt like no other but 9 times out of 10 the real reason your tooth is hurting is because you have some tiny microscopic particle hitting that nerve which is causing the pain. It sucks but if you can't get rid of what's irritating the exposed nerve your not going to win (and yes its possible to have an exposed nerve and not be in pain all the time you just need to keep it clean) alright then now that you've done that and nearly passed out from the pain, the list (some if not all of these are on this list already but these have worked for me)

So, into the bathroom I went ready to brush this broken tooth until it causes me to pass out ... because passing out would be so much better for me. At least I get some sleep! I was brushing for about 5 minutes, non stop. I got covered in toothpaste.

First it was very painful, then I noticed the pain drop from an 8 down to a 1. I could hardly feel it. I thought it was too good to be true so I carried on brushing, and brushing, and brushing. I rinsed with some mouthwash ... which was painful as it hit the nerve, but then nothing. No pain.

I haven't been pain free like this without medication for days.

It's always the simple methods that do the trick! Why didn't my dentist tell me to do this lol.
It's been over 2 hours now and pain is a 1 (sometimes 0). I've had no pain medications tonight. This time yesterday I was lying on my pillow holding my face in agonising pain having already had the max dose of medications. I recall shooting pains up the side of my face, behind my eye and other TMJ like symptoms. Nothing tonight. I get the odd twinge under my jaw where the lymph node is located. They're brief and last 2 seconds max.

I really hope anyone going through similar issues is able to find some relief. Who'd have thought it's as simple as removing the particle/s from the tooth that's aggravating the nerve. Regular brushing didn't remove any particles, but vigorous brushing did.


Roll on next week when these pesky problem teeth are taken out. I look forward to those pain free days.