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A tooth has moved - toothache!!



Junior member
Jul 11, 2017
So I've been having trouble with the right side of my mouth for a couple days. First it was sensitivity along my front teeth after having ice cream. Then a bottom tooth was hurting... but now it appears to be a tooth at the back up top. The tooth behind my canine is very very painful when pushed on... and it's also been pushed back, out of line with the others. My wisdom teeth have been coming through for a while but is it possible it had no space? The gum around this painful tooth is very painful and sensitive /; could something else be wrong? ??


Well-known member
Jun 24, 2015
Beckaa - Not 100% sure what you mean by "pushed back"...is it possible your gums surrounding the suspected tooth are inflamed and swollen, causing the tooth to appear to be "pushed back"?

Sounds like an excellent reason to call your Dentist...only a Dentist can tell you for sure what's going on there. And don't panic...this could be anything. May be relatively easy fix or it may be more involved. You'll only know for sure after seeing your Dentist.