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A year after LANAP laser gum surgery



Junior member
Oct 18, 2018
Hello all!
I wanted to share my experience with laser gum surgery for anyone who is considering it. When I was still considering it, I searched the web for days and couldn’t find any follow up posts that more more than a month or so after the procedure. I was terrified and about to spend a fortune on something that I couldn’t find any success stories on. So here we go.

I have gum disease with pocket depths of mostly 6 & 7’s. Some bone loss as well. I am also extremely resistant to most methods of sedation (fast metabolizing liver) so I opted for IV sedation. Unfortunately the sedation did not work out so well for me and I was fully awake and did feel pain from moderate to severe. Thankfully the procedure was just over an hour and I got through it. I also had to have two teeth removed by a dentist (not the perio who did my laser surgery) and I’ve since found that a combo of gas and halcion work wonders for me and I can sleep through it all.
Healing time was quite quick and painless. I’d say I was back to normal within 10 days and after two weeks I was able to floss with no bleeding...freaking amazing for me!!

I’ve been keeping up with rigorous home care of flossing and brushing 3 times a day and cleanings every 3 months at the Perio office. Just had my xrays and gum pocket measurements today for my yearly check up and I’m happy to say that my pocket depths are all 2’s and 3’s!! And there has even been some bone regeneration. I am so happy I’ve chose to go with the surgery, despite the cost that I’m still paying off. I sincerely hope this keeps my teeth as healthy as possible as I don’t want anymore surgeries any time soon.
Hi Lorian,

Thank you for this. This is my first time posting on this, or any, board. My anxiety due to this disease is through the roof and have been trying to find testimonials related to LANAP surgery. Very happy I came across yours. There’s so much conflicting information out there but it’s great to hear from someone who actually had the surgery.
Hi Lorian,

Can you tell me how much lanap costed for you??
Hello, I think the cost was somewhere around $7,000 and that was before the sedation costs. But I also live in a very expensive part of California. That was for my whole mouth.
Thanks Lorain...that gives me a perspective....
Thanks Lorain...that gives me a perspective....
Hello, I had this done 4 years ago. I recommend getting a second opinion from another periodontist in a different location. Do not, under any circumstances, allow the periodontist to do an "occlusal adjustment." This permanently damaged my teeth and destroyed my (previously perfect) bite. I had to have the teeth repaired by a prosthodontist. I went to multiple dentists after lanap and they all shook their heads at the mention of this lanap protocol. There's a lot of hype out there on lanap but not a lot of true scientific, well performed studies. Don't let anyone rush you into this procedure. Get quarterly excellent cleanings with an excellent hygienist and get multiple opinions on what you need for treatment. Take your time.
Thanks Lorain for heads up. We spoke to 3 doctors and one did say occlusal adjustment but we are not going with her.