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Abcess - been in pain for 4 days/nights. Struggling.



May 6, 2008
Hi, Any support really welcome.
ive been in pain now for four days. I've got a loose tooth and a large Abcess around it. I've was given an antibotic Metronidazone a day and a half ago, but the Dentist at the time told me that she did not have the time there and then to pull the tooth. I've got to wait until Monday.
I feel so ground down with the pain. My face is badly swollen. I haven't sleep well in days.
Its a struggle. I'm so drained by the pain and I stuggle with the dental appointments as I'm rather phobic.

Should I try rinsing with salt. Is this likely to ease the pressure by helping it burst?
is it normal that people with severe pain are turned away with just antibotics?
Im with a private practice so I'm not at all impressed.
Thank you for reading. And a big hug to those who are having a problem too.
I've always found Nurofen Plus to be excellent for the pain of an abscess, although I accept we all react differently to pain and painkillers. Metronidazole should sort the infection out although you'll probably get to day 3 before it starts to really take effect. I hope they warned you not to touch alcohol while you're taking that !
Dentists can't take out a tooth while the infection is there which is why they prescribe antibiotics first to make sure no infection left. The best thing I've found to help for dental pain is cocodomol. Its 500mg paracetamol and 8mg of codeine. You can buy from boots. If the pain is really bad you can take ibuprofen 2 hours later, so cocodomol every 4 hours and then ibubrofen 2 hours after each cocodomol. Hope the pain eases soon
Thank you for relying. It means a lot.
Unfotunatley, I'm a bit limited in what I can take as painkiller as I have asthma. I know there is no problem with paracetamol, but I will look into your suggestions.
last night was hard. I had chills and a moderate fever. An aching body. I've now got Nausea and a headache that won't go away.
I think it the antibotic beginning to not agree with me.
A very visable huge soft Abcess has formed. I"m not certain this infection is going to clear in time for Monday's extraction.
I feel so rough Im stuck in bed. I tried phoning the dentist to get seen earlier - just to get it checked out. No joy. now I'm wondering if should ask for another antibiotic.
My body feels like it's been on a huge bender.
I've been told to stop the antibotics. The dentist has suggested that I gently massage the Abscess.
Fiirst, dentist that's ever suggested that!
I don't know what to think. I wonder how long it will take for the antibotic to come out of my body.
I don't understand why they have told you to stop the antibiotics unless it has been an allergic reaction you have had to them. I haven't heard of massaging an abscess either and I think it is a stupid idea. Try swishing cold salt water around your mouth and sleeping with a cold pack against your cheek may help. I found cold was my friend when I had an abscess. Hot or warm made it throb and hurt like hell.

I hope you manage to get the tooth extracted or a rct done on it soon. I know how painful it is. I think I may see another dentist too, yours doesn't sound as if they are doing much for you. :butterfly:
Thank Carole for relying. The advise I was given from the dentist did seem rather primitive. It did however work.
Yesterday, the Abcess finally burst. I was getting very close to going to a&e. I was in an absolutely desperate state. Honestly I've had two abscess iin the past and this one was massive. ( I still don't think its normal to send home a patient in pain with a swollen face!) My face was blown up for three days and basically I've had to treat it at home.

The antibiotic did not suit me and I was told to stop it just before I'd used it two days. The did not offer me another antibiotic. I did ask if I needed one. (I don't know whether they will give me something when I go back).
On two occasions after having been refused an extraction I phoned the dentist to give an update on my condition - in the hope they'd squeeze me in to treat it or drain it. The advice salt and gentle massage.
Anyway, once the abscess burst I began to feel better. I am absolutely exhausted.
Tomorrow the tooth is getting pulled by my dentist. I have a dental phobia so I'll be very glad when it's out of the way. Im going to look around for a new dentist.

The Dentist did not even advise me not to mix this particular antibotic with alcohol. luckily, I found out. How difficult is it to say to someone who is leaving "don't touch alcohol?"
I've learned that private does not nessarily mean good dentist.
Thank you for listening. It means more than you can imagine. :)
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An update. Glad to say the tooth was pulled today and it all went smoothly.:jump:
i feel ok. I intend to have a quiet gentle week.
thank you so much to those who took the time to respond.
It meant so much. :)
I am so pleased that you have got rid of the problem, and well done for going too. It must have been a hard thing to do for you.

Shows how much I know when massage worked, the sceptical me things that maybe the abscess was fit to burst anyway and found a way to drain. It doesn't really matter as long as you are out of pain and now will get rid of the infection as extraction is an instant cure.

Happy healing, give yourself some TLC now and enjoy the peace of being pain free :hug5::friends::butterfly:
Had an abcess earlier this year was not fun, ended up having a emergecy dental appointment (even though I hate going to the denitst, I go regularly to the dentist for appointments. The dentist at the practice I saw was understanding even though it was not my usually dentist, gave me a xray to say i hate an abcess where I had my root canal done 10 years earlier, gave me anti-botics. Last time I went to the dentist she said the infection had gone but need to keep an eye on it.

May need the root canal removing and possible having an implant if possible. I am ashmed of my teeth and get quite embrasssed how my teeth look even though I go the dentist regularly
Hi I don't understand how the infection has gone, antibiotics don't cure an infected tooth it just calms it. If you would like to save the tooth ask about a re-treatment. It is much the same as when you had the rct before. If your dentist doesn't feel confident doing it ask to be referred to a specialist which is the best thing to do anyway.

You can go and see an endodontist your self and get their opinion, they are the best people to do it as they specialise in doing rct's. :butterfly: