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Abscess advice please!! Toothache & Period



Junior member
May 16, 2020
For those who understandably don’t want to read my rambling I shall ask the questions first and will be very grateful if anyone can answer <3

Is there another cause for facial swelling besides infection?

If it’s an infection, where does the infection go when the swelling decreases but no pus is being drained/coming out? Is it entering my bloodstream?

Is it safe to leave? Will I get sepsis? With the swelling decreasing, does that mean that my body is successfully fighting it and that I don’t need antibiotics?


Every month when my hormones change due to having my period I have toothache without fail. I don’t get stomach pains - I get toothache! Usually every tooth and all my gums hurt and throb, some more than others.

I have not been able to eat on my right side due to a lower back tooth which pops with a crazy uncomfortable pain the moment anything touches it until eventually the periodic popping stops and the unbearable pain stays.

I was due on my period on Christmas Day and as of Christmas Eve or just before I had already begun to experience the predicted pain. I thought last month was bad but this month was insane!

I have a broken tooth on my lower left, aswell as another tooth (same position as the right hand side lower popping one) which is now crumbling :( my upper left teeth are broken too and really painful but it’s the lower left broken one which was the main problem during my period. Felt like a shard of glass in my gum and made me jump even if I slightly touched it with my tongue.

For the whole of Christmas and last week I was in agony - pain relief only irritated the pain :(

Two days ago I gave up and stopped taking pain relief because it made it worse and as soon as I did this I had a fever and rapid heartbeat which was continuous, not only that my left lower jaw and just above rapidly began to swell.

For two days my jaw and lower mouth has been swollen however the pain has now become more manageable? I don’t need to take anything for it - I did take some paracetamol last night to bring down my fever however.

Today I feel the swelling has gone down a little - maybe because my stupid period is over now and my hormones are settling?! :(

Do you think I still need antibiotics?

Does any other women experience this? I’ve read that some women can have some discomfort during menstruation but this level of discomfort had me thinking dark thoughts where I couldn’t bare the pain.

I’m the same when I am pregnant - years ago when my teeth were actually okay I had pain throughout the entire pregnancies - unbearable pain which pain relief would not touch!

Is there anyone else like this?
Hi Daydreamer92,
I have read your whole post. Whilst is may be the case that hormonal changes may affect the seeverity of the pain you feel, the way you describe the condition of your mouth suggests that it is more likely that you do have an abscess. It you are not too apprehensive, I would suggest you get a dentist to have a look.

It would be a good idea to rule out an abscess by visiting your dentist. That said, I have gone to the dentist with pain similar to this and nothing bad was located. Each time my period started 2 days later.