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abscess after wisdom tooth filling



Junior member
Jan 13, 2011
Hi there! before i ask my question i just want to say what a relief it was to find this forum, i have been dealing with dental phobia for years.
Almost 4 weeks ago i had my lower right wisdom tooth filled (for the second time) by my dentist. Although badly decayed he said he was pretty sure he could save it. Anyway when the anaesthetic wore off it felt a bit uncomfortable, something i have never experienced before after a filling. No real pain though, but i couldn't bite down. anyway by dec 26 i had a swollen gum. My dentist was closed for holidays but i saw a doctor the next day who said its probably an abcess and gave me Metronidazole and Keflex to take together and the swelling went down over the next few days..After a week the tooth felt good, pretty much normal. this lasted a week and then the gum began to swell on the other side of that same tooth. Went back to doctors, gave me the same anti biotics but this time i had an allergic reaction and he then prescribed me E-Mycin which he said may not be as effective but seeing as i am already allergic to penicillin it was hard to find something to prescribe...
Phew! sorry..this ends soon.. i am planning to see my dentist soon even though i am aware he can't really work on an abscessed tooth. I am just so anxious about this whole thing, i am guessing once the infection clears i will need this tooth taken out. this terrifies me.
What i am really wondering is if anyone else has ever had a similar experience or trouble clearing up abscesses? And thanks guys just for being here!
The antibiotics aren't getting to the source of the infection which is inside the tooth, the best thing would be to get the tooth extracted as soon as possible.
thanks for your reply gordon, I am going to see my dentist today to sort out a plan of action. Am really scared as it was quite an ordeal when i had the other lower wisdom tooth out. Once step at a time though, thanks again for your support, i am really going to need it :hidesbehindsofa:
going for check up and xray next week...i can feel the swelling going down but i was told they won't do any work on it until all the infection is gone. I am just worried it won't clear up properly and after my issues with some antibiotics i am getting panicky. thankfully i am not in any pain. The xray will show for sure if it is all gone, right? thanks for listening :redface: