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Abscess and terrified of dying? I don't even know



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Apr 18, 2017
Hey there! I'm sitting in my room freaking the heck out right now, so I figured I'd write in here just to vent it out and maybe get some insight from others <3

Like much of you, I haven't been to the dentist in many years. Every single one of my teeth is decayed to hell and back and my fear of the dentist (mostly needle...) just hasn't let me go get it fixed. Anyway, I could get into the sob stories about my experiences but that's not the point of this venting! I developed an abscess in one of my side teeth (a molar tooth thing lol) and it's definitely bugging my nose and my ear and I am TERRIFIED.

I actually managed to get some courage to go to a dentist but they were kind of meh. They took x-rays, told me my teeth were in horrible condition and that I'd have to go see the surgeon next door to get that abscess tooth removed. They didn't give me antibiotics or anything and just sent me to see the other dude. That guy doesn't have an appointment open until Monday and they said they wouldn't be doing anything that day just a consultation so he can see what's going on... so it brings me back to my main fear...the abscess...

I've read countless of horror stories online, shouldn't I be more rushed in removing this infection? I've had it for a week already and have to wait another week just to be seen by the surgeon (and I don't know if he'll remove it then or I'll have to wait more...) ahhhhhhh I don't know what to do. If waiting is okay or if I should go to an emergency dentist of which I clearly don't have the funds for I'm going crazy here thinking the abscess will explode in a week's time. As you can tell I'm a very nervous person lol ...the only reason I even called this dentist in the first place is because they have sedation options and take care credit :shame::shame::shame:

if you read through all of this, thank you lol <3 I'm just venting and scared to wait another week
Hey there

Sounds painful! How you bearing up?
I had an access under a lower wisdom tooth once. Oh my God that PAIN!
It's not likely a surgeon will remove an infected tooth. You'll need antibiotics first for sure. Once the infection us clear then the tooth can be assessed to see if it needs to come out.
Perhaps try and find another dentist. That guy doesn't sound like the right person to treat a nervous patient.
As for the fear, yep I'm terrified too. Just had a front crown done. The needle is honestly just like a scratch and the thought of it is so much worse. Closing your eyes and counting helps!
Get yourself to a surgery proto and get a second opinion.
Hey coffee -- I understand why you're worried but honestly, if both your Dentist and an Oral Surgeon didn't want to RX antibiotics or squeeze you in for immediate treatment, then I'd assume that means they're not concerned that your abscess will get critical before they can treat you. That's not to say it absolutely can't, anything is possible, but think of their liability here -- imagine if they told you to hold off for a week and you had a horrible reaction or the infection escalated and you SUED their pants off for dismissing you as they did....Dr's and Dentists think about their liability every day.

Again, there's no guarantee of anything...but I'd go on that ^^ assumption, if only to calm myself.

And I second getting a 2nd opinion. FFS.

Also, replace the Dentist --any Dentist who tells you your teeth are in "horrible condition" and then dismisses you the way you described sounds like a tool who doesn't deserve to be treating animals much less patients. Patients are human beings, we're all individual and any good Dentist always approaches a new patient calmly and with reassurance, no matter what shape your teeth are in. What a dipsh*t.

About why you selected this Dentist : many, MANY good providers offer a range of sedation services -- and I believe the vast majority of Dental providers (and Medical!) in America accept CareCredit...to them, I believe it's like running any credit card -- it's only the creditor that can deny payment if you're, say, trying to buy a new car with the CareCredit card :)giggle:)...but confirm this with any new Dentist. Call CareCredit...they may be able to refer you to a REAL Dentist.

It might take some research on your part to find a better Dentist, but your Dental health is worth the time and digging.

For now, to keep you reassured, I'd do the following immediately:

1. Get a list of Oral Surgeons in your general area, check their online Google and Yelp reviews (look for consistency but remember that there may always be one or two unsatisfied customers--people tend to get sticker shock at the Dentist today and they may have expected miracles where modern Dentistry could only go so far).

2. Once you've narrowed that list down to a few, call each, ask about emergency consult appointments. If they have urgent consults available this week, follow thru and ask if they accept CareCredit AND if they offer sedation services (some will only offer the gas and/or oral sedation, as in, you'll take a pill or two, but still be awake. Other providers will offer IV sedation that from your perspective, makes you feel like you were "knocked out").

After you've worked out this urgent issue, then take your time and do the same research for general Dentists in your area.

I don't know if you're insured but if you are, call your Insurance company and ask them who they refer patients to in your area...you can get a list of their providers online, too. And then do your own homework re: reviews, sedation, CareCredit.

To wrap this up: If I was you, and I was this concerned about a tooth, I'd call the Dentist again, tell them that the Surgeon can't treat you for a WEEK and ask Dentist if he thinks you'd benefit from antibiotics...if not, WHY? If they don't reassure you, call the Oral Surgeon and ask them the same...if neither make you feel better, call your own MD and ask him/her what the opinion is. Again, the fact that the (horrible) Dentist AND the slow-poke Oral Surgeon are both being super relaxed about this too would reassure me that they're not worried you'll have a serious issue and sue their pants off.

Please do keep us posted about how you're getting on with this situation. You're going to be ok but you have to be your own advocate when it comes to your health. :)